Plot: Kitty thinks she may of stolen something of Dudley when she feels odd. But the question is, what is it?


  • Kitty: "WHOOOOOOOO!! You go, girl!! Now drink that tea!! I said drink ehhhhhhhhhhhh..."
  • Kitty: "I hang up now."
  • Dudley: "I recorded the best slumber party we ever had. Now we can watch it over and over and over..."
  • Kitty: "I must have stayed here until midnight. Things got really wild at midnight."
  • Dudley: "Do you want some more tea, Mrs. Muffets? Okay, here you go."
  • Kitty: "Why was I on top of the ceiling?"


  • This is the third time Kitty's hypnotic eyes are shown, during Kitty's flashback of the first quote above. The first two being "The Curse of King Mutt" and "Guard Dog".
  • Guitar gag: Kitty steps out to grab the guitar and play it, but it hits her on the head. A clapboard appears with take two. Kitty tries to grab it but it stubs her toe. Take three. She grabs it perfectly, but before she can play it, both the guitar and Kitty herself explode.

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