"Week of the jokes"
Season 3, Episode 77
Production Code: 217B
Airdate: TBA,2013
Villain(s) Featured: Several
Writer(s): Dudleysimpson
Music by: Guy Moon
Beach Vacations
Hotel T.U.F.F.

It's the second segment of the third episode of the third season after Beach Vacations and before Hotel T.U.F.F./Return to Ratville.


Begins the week of jokes in Petropolis, and Dudley make jokes all in TUFF as:

  • Kitty: in the coffee machine TUFF, Dudley put in the zone cold put hot coffee, when Kitty tried to serve lukewarm coffee, coffee is actually served twice as hot, and burned his tongue.
  • Keswick: he did an experiment with non-explosive chemicals, but Dudley changed a container with chemical liquid non-explosive , for a completely identical, but it was explosive, Keswick use it and explodes in his face.
  • The Chief: Dudley put a noisy cushion (which made noises of fart) in his seat, after, the chief sits, it sounds irritating noise and Dudley laughs.

On the same day, Dudley makes jokes out of TUFF ,also reaching to D.O.O.M. where, in his headquarters, place kickbutt chairs then Snaptrap and his henchmen come to the headquarters of DOOM, and, when they sit, chairs lash their butts and go flying. Another joke by Dudley was back to Kitty, and this time, is at home: in the door of his house appears next month's issue of the teen magazine Lollipop Tiger, Kitty then receives it and, on its cover, displays a special page assumed Kitty then opened the magazine and see the special page and, surprise!, the magazine explodes. When Kitty, Keswick and The Chief are bother with Dudley (again), Dudley offers forgiveness to Kitty (again) in exchange for a haircut and makeup, but he again made a joke to Kitty, giving a punk hairstyle and face of a clown, so she and the rest are going angries.

In the coming days a week of jokes, these jokes are more severe and causing destruction to Petropolis.

When Petropolis is destroyed by bad jokes Dudley, people get upset and think banished from the city, Dudley, before almost getting caught, apologize to the citizens think, until Dudley crying, apologizing, but what he did not know that, that and the fact that Dudley would be banished from Petropolis by his jokes, was a joke!. Dudley is stunned and forgive everyone because the destruction was false in the end, Dudley is relieved. In TUFF, the agents held a party, but a bomb that left Dudley as a joke, so the place explodes and the episode ends.

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