Violet Beauregarde
Violet beauregarde in cat form in her blue outfit by kristinad121-d59uwrh
Gender: Female
Hair color:       Brown
Eye color:       Brown
Species: Kitten
Age: 22 and 4'11 feet tall
Birthday: May 3 1994
Personal Information
  Sweet Violet, Big Girl, Ripped Belt and Blue-Nosed Lady
  Dudley Puppy

Kitty Katswell


The Chief

Cal Lewis

Kristina Kittensworth

Maya Wilhelmina

Love Interests:
  Charlie Bucket
Sam Beauregarde (mother)

Scarlett Beauregarde (father)

Production Information
First Appearance:
  Kristina Kittensworth's Inflated Adventure of Dreamlands
Voiced by:
Kristina Dazo

Emily Marks Charles Lewis AnnaSophia Robb (Charlie, Kristina and the Chocolate Factory) Denise Nickerson

 Violet is a sweet gumchewer who like Charlie Bucket as her boyfriend and is one of Kristina Kittensworth's friends that she first met at Petropolis High School and became Kristina's classmate at Petropolis' College. She Made Friends With Maya Wilhelmina And Cal Lewis


Violet has brown hair, brown eyes, she wears a black scarf and a red dress for the interview, a blue button shirt, blue pants, red buckle belt and brown shoes for the tour. And in Charlie, Kristina and the Chocolate Factory And Cal Lewis Super Spy: Cal Lewis And The Chocolate Factory Violet has short blonde hair with bangs, blue eyes, baby blue skin/fur, she wears a pink tracksuit for the interview, a blue tracksuit and sneakers for the tour.

Blueberry Inflation Problem

If she inflates into a blueberry, she will be juiced, inflate back to normal with her skin/fur, if it doesn't work, she explodes with juice and falls on the ground, flat.