Veronica Snaptrap is a character off of the upcoming episode, T.U.F.F Kitty. She is the female counterpart of T.U.F.F Puppy's Verminious Snaptrap.


She seems to be more agressive and much smarter than Verminious Snaptrap.


She is a large mouse with brown fur. She has spiky hair similar to Snaptrap's eyebrows. She has much more decorative outfit than Snaptrap has. She has an unbuttoned lab coat with a black shirt with a gray "V" on it. She also wears a belt and a black dress with a gray zigzag design going throug it. She also wears pink shoes on her feet. She will be voiced by Algaia Mortcheva.


  • Her ears seem to be similar to Dudley's ears.
  • She is the species that people think is the opposite of rats: mice.
  • She does not have crooked teeth like Snaptrap does.
  • Her traits may be similar to Ice Queen's, Adventure Time's gender swapped counterpart of Ice King.
  • Like Snaptrap, she is allergic to cheese.