“I’ve been walking for hours and no sign of anyone,” Matt sighed. “Crazy and Sherry’s wristcoms were working earlier…but now they’re offline. Finding them is going to be harder than I thought.” Matt continued to walk forward until he heard someone screaming from afar. “Who’s that?” Matt ran towards the scream and ended bumping into Claire. “Oof, I keep running into trees…Matt!” Claire shouted as she jumped back up. “Claire, was that you screaming?” “Yeah, a spider was on my shoulder. I freaked out and ran away.” “Oh, so that creature isn’t around?” “I ran away from him earlier…he took Skip and Kat,” Claire said with tears in her eyes. “He has about everyone…everyone except us.” “How are you sure?” Matt asked. “I just think it does…I haven’t seen or heard Crazy or anyone else since we fell down that waterfall.”

“Don’t worry; everything is going to be alright now.” “Yeah…here’s your hat though. You look funny without it,” Claire laughed as she handed over the hat. “Thanks, now, let’s see if we can find the others.” Matt started to walk off and Claire followed behind him. The two walked for about an hour and haven’t found any traces of the other agents. “I’m so hungry…you have anything to eat on you?” Claire whined. “I’m afraid I don’t. You know I don’t really carry snacks. Besides, I wasn’t expecting this to happen.” “…I can’t go on; just go without me,” Claire said as she fell to the ground. “Claire…I’ll drag you if you don’t get up.” “Go ahead…I’m too hungry to care.” Matt walked over to Claire and lifted her up by her arms.

“Come on, we have to keep moving.” “…I would really like some ice-cream right now…or a cheeseburger.” “Talking about food isn’t going to help ease your hunger.” “I can at least try… the clouds look like cotton candy.” “Fine… I’ll just carry you until we find something to eat.” “YAY THANKS!!” Claire shouted as she jumped onto Matt’s back. “I thought you were too hungry to do anything?” “I am; but I just like being carried.” Matt sighed and continued moving forward. “I miss the others…”

“I miss them too, but don’t worry; we’ll find them.” The two eventually found a tree that had some fruit growing on it. Claire instantly jumped off of Matt’s back and quickly grabbed one of the fruits from the tree and started eating. “…How is it?” “It tastes fine. Wish I had a cupcake though,” Claire answered with her mouth full. Matt went up to the tree and started to grab a fruit from the tree until he heard some noises coming from afar. Claire stopped eating and hid behind Matt. “What was that?” Claire asked nervously. Matt didn’t respond, instead, he just slowly followed the noise with Claire following behind him.

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