Turbo Dudley
Gender: Male
Hair color:       White with black ears
Eye color:       Blue
Species: Mixed-breed Dog
Age: N/A
Birthday: N/A
Personal Information
  T.U.F.F, W.U.F.F.U
  Stop Franz Ferdinand
  Petropolis, USA
  Kitty Katswell, Keswick, The Chief, Roger
  Franz Ferdinand, Vladimir, Frank the Tank, Rex Puppy
  Stop Franz Ferdinand from getting to last power vile
Peg Puppy
Rex Puppy (uncle)
Production Information
Voiced by:
Jerry Trainor

Sorry drawing is not available until further notice

Turbo Dudley was the result of Dudley taking one of Keswick's special viles. His strength, speed , and endurance is increased drasticly as an effort to stop Franz Alastian and his forces from taking over North America. However he can increase further in power in short burst.


Well he looks like Dudley. Until Dudley taps into his outstading reserves of strength his muscle mass increases, his mind turns more brutal and a bright blue aura surrounds him. Note he can only do this for so long.

The Power

  • Stage 1: He is at normal level (Regular Dudley).
  • Stage 2: He is strong enough to take out a pack of Mattermen.
  • Stage 3: Cripple one of Franz's top elites.
  • Stage 4: Two times the power of Stage 3.
  • Stage 5: Three times the power of Stage 3 (going beyond could destroy Dudley).

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