Dudley and Kitty have to enter a race across America when Snaptrap enters.


  • Chief:Agents Puppy and Katswell,Get in my office,pronto...................why aren't you in here?Did you hear what i said?
  • Dudley(on intercom):Oh,we heard.
  • Kitty(on intercom):What we didn't hear was,Please.
  • Kitty and Dudley charge in.
  • Dudley:Now thats more like it Mr.Selfish.
  • Kitty:So,whats up chief?Chameleon turn into somthing diabolical.
  • Chief:That was Tuesday,todays Friday.
  • Dudley:Chiefs right.Its always a chameleon day on Tuesday.
  • Kitty:Wich must mean its Snaptrap.
  • Chief:Howed you....?Never mind.Snaptrap has entered a race across america.The race takes place in the desert,Alpine,south African jungle and finishes at the big apple.Its been known as...the race.
  • Dudley:Catchy.
  • Kitty:Relax,Chief.Its just a race.he cant even win 1st in a video game.
  • Chief:Thats the thing Katswell.He`s cheating to win.
  • Dudley:So,when we come in?
  • Chief's bookcase opens reaviling a garage.Keswick is in a pit crew uniform.
  • Keswick:You`ll also be entering the race.I have your fah-fah-vehiecle ready.
  • Points two a stock car sponsored by T.U.F.F itself.
  • Kitty:Real nice Keswick.But,why didn't you just trick out the T.U.F.F mobile to look like a race car?
  • Keswick:Wha?no,ahhh,darn it,i should of thought of that,(groan),ahhh...
  • 18 minutes later.
  • Keswick:darn,off,doh,(smacking himself)stupid oh stupid oh stupid!

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