Plot: Tired of always being defeated, Bird Brain uses a machine to trade places with Kitty. He finds it cool to work at T.U.F.F., but then becomes jealous of Kitty being Bird Brain.


  • Bird Brain: "Licorice black? I'm more of a moonlight."
  • Owl: "Ya know boss, you could just trade your identity with Kitty's and take care of your business of destroying T.U.F.F. there."
  • Bird Brain: "Oh, you spoke english."
  • Owl: "No, just what I said."
  • Bird Brain: "You're kidding, right?"
  • Owl: "Who?"
  • (Bird Brain looks flatly)
  • Owl: "Where?"
  • Bat: "Who?"
  • Kitty: "All right, now your just being dumb!
  • Bird Brain: "That used to be me being annoyed by my henchmen."
  • Dudley: "Cat Brain!"
  • Bird Brain: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!! Bye-bye guys, don't forget to write."


  • at jail
  • b.b:oh,its been years since ive seen zippy.
  • s.t:its been fifty minutes.
  • b.b:well,uh..........shut shall i ever get out of here.
  • s.t:the bars are edible
  • b.b:

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