Plot: B.C. annoyment for Keswick!

Here are some names for the characters:

Dudley - Dud

Kitty - Katar

Keswick - Kas


  • It shows Petropolis as what it would look like in B.C. Cave Dudley is fast asleep. The coconut clock rings.
  • Dud: "Rigy, migy, split! (throws clock at wall) Funga!"
  • Walks outside.
  • Dud: "Ba, boo, ba, boo, ba, boo, ba, boo, ba, boo..."
  • Cave Keswick is in his house.
  • Kas: "Fluh-fluh-flunga! Boob dumbo! DUD!"
  • Dud: "Hiya, Kas!"
  • Kas: "Bibi bibi goowanga! A longa poo! Daboosta!"
  • Dud: "Daboosta? Daboosta? Daboosta?"
  • Kas falls out of his house and lands in front of Katar's door, which is slammed open by her.
  • Katar: "...Katar! (examines Keswick. Pushes him over slightly) Bawoonga!"
  • Kas: "KATAR!!!"
  • Katar: "Kas! (squeezes him) Kas!"
  • Dud: "Katar!"
  • Katar: (lets go of Kas) "Dud!"
  • TBC

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