Hella dude by mcbisthename-d71rxng
Teen Tim (Credits to MCB :D)
Gender: Male
Hair color:       Brown
Eye color:       Blue
Species: Cat
Age: 19
Birthday: Nov. 21
Personal Information
  Chito(2nd cousin)
  T.U.F.F Agent
  #252 Catwalk, Petropolis City, CA

Agent R
Agent 12428
Agent Maria
WonderKat #2000
Claire Catty200
Ralph Wolf

  Keepin Petropolis Safe

Rock and Roll
Video games

None yet


Tim is a hyperactive and very athletic guy. He is also a very shy but fun loving person. He entered TUFF because he moved to Petropolis when he was in high school. He has a great aim, a very fast runner, and can pack a pretty hard punch. He Loves Sports, Especially Baseball. He is also abit clueless and is best friends with Dudley. How he got into TUFF was kinda just a stroke of luck. After Going to Baseball practice once, Tim was walking home, still wearing all his gear. Saw Snaptrap and the Doom guys about to rob a bank so Tim sprang into action. He was able to stop the DOOm team from robing the bank by Knocking out Ollie, Larry and Francisco by pitching some Baseballs at them. Snaptrap tried to run away but Tim chased after him and was able to pin him down with his shoe spikes. The TUFF agents arrived late on the scene and saw what Tim did so the offered him to be an agent. He is Also abit naive which is why he sticks to Chito so he can be his guide. He is also on a mission to know what happened and how his 2 best friends and teammates disappeared. With the help of His Friends at TUFF, Tim knows he will one day know all the answers



Tim and Dudley love to hangout like they were Bros. They get along well and love to spend time together even after work at TUFF. They sometimes spend the weekends at each other’s house or watching Soccer, or baseball games. They also like video games


Tim and Kitty are very good friends. Tim Loves Kitty’s high powered and action packed stunts. They both love athletic stuff and sometimes even bike or run together during after work. Kitty also helps in keeping Tim from being too Hyperactive. Kitty also likes to play with Tim and sometimes has even joined him in training for Baseball games.


Tim and Keswick have a love-hate relationship. Despite this, They can still work together like partners. Tim and Keswick share the same interest for Cool technology but Tim finds doing chemistry and physics work boring. Tim sometimes gets on Keswick’s nerves because of his constant curiosity of his new inventions and toying with his prototypes. Tim, on the other hand, easily gets bored just listening to Keswick talk about stuff other than cool gadgets.

The Chief

The Chief considers Tim almost like Dudley. He sometimes calls him Psycho-Cat. Despite this Tim likes the chief and the chief does seem to have a liking to Tim also. The Chief was the one to invite Tim to Join TUFF

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