Three Agents and A Baby is the 6th Episode of Season 3 and is based on the TV movie "Three Men and a Baby".

The Chameleon disguises himself as an infant to sneak up on TUFF. His plan was they would be so busy taking care of a baby, they woulden't have the time to sneak up on Villians and put them in jail, thus the Chief fires the Agents, and since they woukd be fired, all Villians would be able to creep the streets and rob places. So he puts himself in a basket on the TUFF Doorstep and rings the bell. Kitty answers the door and sees the baby (Chameleon in disguise) and takes him inside the Agency building. Chief orders Kitty, Keswick, and Dudley to Babysit, while he replaced the agents for now, until they would be able to find the baby's real parents. Will Chameleon's plan unfold and actually work, or will the Agents discover the baby's true identity on time?

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