The T.U.F.Fly Odd Parents is a crossover of The Fairly Odd Parents and T.U.F.F. Puppy. It is a fanfic on written by catty200. It is currently on its 2nd part. It is an hour and a half long movie.

In this episode, the Fairly OddParents meet T.U.F.F. Puppy through a portal.


Cosmo: Behold, the portal 5000!

Wanda: Don't you realize that's just a cardboard box with stuff drawn on it?

Cosmo: Yeah, but I made it all by myself. (Flashback: Cosmo is shown whistling, then just poofs it up.)

Timmy: Still, it is kinda cool.

Poof: Poof poof!

Timmy: *clock rings* Oh! Time to study! *opens door and Tommy comes in. Cosmo, Wanda and Poof turn into pencils and erasers.*

Timmy: Hey, Tommy!

Tommy: Hi, Timmy!

Timmy: Ready to study?

Tommy: Yep! Let's go!

Wanda: *from Timmy's hand* Timmy, I thought you hated studying?

Timmy: If I have a nerd to help me, I don't!

Tommy: Ok, so page 51 probelm 2. 23 x 44.

Timmy: The answer is, 2107!

Tommy: No, the real answer is 1012/

Timmy: Oh.

Tommy: Next problem, wait a minute what is that! *runs toward portal* It looks like, a teleportation device! Timmy, did you make this?

Timmy: Uh, yeah! I mean, no. My, uh, brother did. He's awesome!

Tommy: He certainly is! Let's try it out!

Timmy: I thought we were studying.

Tommy: We're taking a five minute break *Steps in, but trips and falls throigh* AHHH!!!

Timmy: AH! *jumps in with him*

Wanda: *back as fairy* Timmy! *jumps in with Poof.*

Cosmo: I'll save you my love! *jumps in with all of them. Portal closes*


"The T.U.F.Fly Odd Parents"
Season ?, Episode ?
Airdate: November 15th, 2011
Writer(s): KittyKatswell925 (catty200 on

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