(In the outskirts of the Petropolis city limits just before the desert surrounding the town, Dimitri is driving along the streets in his black car as Dudley intentionally crosses his path about 200 ft. away from Dimtri. In panic Dimitri hits his breaks and drifts just before hitting The T.U.F.F. Mobile.)

Dimitri: (Getting out of his car to confront Dudley.) WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU KID????? WERE YOU TRYING TO KILL US BOTH????

Dudley: (Getting out of his car to confront Dimitri) Look, I don't know what you meant by, (While making quote finger movements) "This is my problem." but they're my friends and apparently you know where your going or else you wouldn't be going there. So either you take me with you or you'll have to be stranded in this town for quite sometime without a ride.

Dimitri: (Crossing arms and smirking) And why would that be?

Dudley: (Takes out blaster, shoots Dimtri's tire. Crosses his arms and waits for answer, tapping his foot.)

Dimitri: (Rolls eyes and uncrossing arms, sighing in frustration) Fine! But at least let me drive!

(Dimitri and Dudley get on the road to their destination.)

(Kitty wakes up in a dark room, her body and arms tied together onto a cold, metallic, chair. Gagged by a wet cloth due to the slobber from her sleep, which only adds to her discomfort since she hates getting her fur damp. She starts feeling around with her hands for a moment and realised she was tied to another person. She sees a shadowy figure entering the dark room, instinctively hisses at it and brings out her claws. But she shakes her head and retracts them when she notices she's letting her instincts get the best of her.)

???: (Walks up to Kitty and pulls her head up to get a better look at her.) (In harsh, cold, tone) Pathetic... (Slaps Kitty and walks out of room.)

Kitty: (Droops her head in sadness, tearing up.) (In her mind) Dudley, wherever you are... please help me.......


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