Dudley: (Coming to, his head pounding with pain and red spot on his head from the harsh blow from Francisco) OW!!! Stupid alligator hit me on the head!

(Looks around and sees that there are wounded agents walking sickly being guided onto Paramedic Vans and police investigating T.U.F.F. HQ which has been destroyed.)

Dudley: What happened?

Dimitri: Hey kid!

Dudley: Hmm? (Whirls around and unknowingly sees Dimitri in sunglasses and black and white suit)

Dimitri: You know anything about this?

Dudley: Who are you?

Dimitri: The name's Dimitri...

Dudley: Dimitri what?

Dimitri: (Silent) It's just Dimitri, now what do you know?

Dudley: ( While Dimitri is writing what he says down in a notepad) Well, it all started when I went to work and got surprised by the other people working here because it's my birthday and...

("Two Hours Later" timecard pops-up)

Dudley: (While Dimitri is getting tired and starting to fall asleep) Then I came-to and I said, "OW!!! Stupid alligator hit me on the head!" and then I saw that everything had been destroyed so THEN I was like....

Dimitri: OKAY KID, I GET IT!!!!!!!

Dudley: Wait, where are my friends?

Dimitri: Who?

Dudley: Ya know, my friends? Keswick, Herbert Dumbrowski, Tammy.... (Takes out wallet and looks at picture of Kitty in it, gets depressed) Kitty...

Dimitri: (Sigh) Don't worry kid... I'll get you your friends back. Consider it a promise. Go home... your friends and your lady will be back in no time.

Dudley: Sorry sir, they're in trouble somewhere out there... I need to help them.

Dimitri: (Angrily) DUDLEY!!!!

Dudley: (Surprised)

Dimitri: (In regretful and gentle tone) (Sigh) This is my problem. (Gets in black car, rolls down window) Go home, rest that sore head of yours kid. Everything will be back to normal in no time. (Drives off)

Dudley: (Confused) (Instinctly memorizes liscense plate code "275TSP") THAT was weird.

(Dudley walks to garage, gets in T.U.F.F. Mobile, starts driving home)

Dudley: What did he mean by "This is my problem." They're my friends aren't they?

(Dudley finally arives at his home but sees it's been destroyed and the front door is wide open)

Dudley: (Worriedly rushes out of T.U.F.F. Mobile rushes into house as fast as he can) MOM?!?!?! (Searches his entire house but it's completely empty) (In his room he sadly drops to his knees, drooping his head in depression. Then gets determined, takes his PawPhone out and tracks down Dimitri's car through his liscense plate number on his special T.U.F.F. Agent app. Gets in the T.U.F.F. Mobile and chases him down.)

Continued in Chapter 5

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