"The SnapCap"
Season 2, Episode 39
Airdate: October 25, 2012
Writer(s): Owen
Cats Vs. Dogs
T.U.F.F Movie: The Inferno

The SnapCap is an half-hour special of Season 2 of T.U.F.F. Puppy.


D.O.O.M. tells Snaptrap to make SnapCaps, a fashionable item, that is disguised as a helmet that turns into zombies for Snaptrap to control.But everyone at T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M.forgets about it and turns into zombies. Now Petropolis is overrun with zombies and the only persons that could stop them is the unlikely partnership of Kitty Katswell,Stanley Puppy, and Snaptrap.


Coming Soon.

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