(breaks head through door)"heres DUDLY!"dudly

(breaks head through door)"heres YOU KNOW WHO!"dudly

(breaks head through door)"all right,i had a rough day and all with the heads through the doors and the being locked in the freezer and kitty hiting me in head so i dont want to hear anything unless its an upside from the last 60 minutes!"

"thats werid.the cherry sodas suposed to be at the top floor."chief

"oh my god!we left agent nutz at the gas station"kitty

"what about nutz?"kitty

"hi betty"random person

"whoose hawges?"keswick

"the deed is done!ooh,fish sticks."kitty

"SALTY SNACKS!TEACHER,MOTHER,(whispering)secrert lover"dudly

"crazienest...powering...down...down.REVING UP!!!down.dudly

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