No info still, so here's The Rage Within 2. enjoy and comment


( continuing from previous moment )

WK. Will you please put the gun down?

Kevin. NO!

Crazy. Calm down there. Everything's gonna be fine.

Kevin. You know you don't want me to hurt you right?

Maria. What's goin on, guys, and sorry for my near laughs. Keswick just did something funny.

Claire. Keswick with girls today. How else would he be awkward?

Maria. I know right? ( laughs )


Sherry. We need to let you see Keswick.

Kevin. NEVER!!!

Wk. Please forgive me, Kevin. ( knocks him out )

( in lab )

Keswick. Hmmmmmm

Claire. What is it?

Chief. ( enters lab ) Why is Kevin lying down?

Keswick. Kevin suddenly got angry after wa-wa-watching MTV.

Kevin. mmmm mmm m m mmmm mmmm.

Keswick. and we t-t-taped his mouth.

Chief. Well get answer's on why he's angry quickly.

Keswick. hold on. ok we got an-an-ann-answers. It appears Kevin has got Tepio Angeritis, a surperior version of Angeritis.

Dudley. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. My friend is gonna be angry for a few weeks.

Sherry. How do you know Kevin has it. You just got in here.

Dudley. I heard y'all. DUOOOH.

Kevin.( Breaks free ) I'm free. Now STAY BACK. ( breaks through window and leaves by falling from building )

Chief. Agents Crazy, Puppy, Claire, Wondercat. Sherry, and Maria. Go find Kevin.

Maria. Can I stay here with Keswick?

Chief. ( sighs ) fine.

Maria. YAY!

Keswick. ( sighs )

Chief. Our quest for one of our best agents who getting inducted to the hall of fame starts now.

To be continued...

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