The Qittaswell Sisters are a group of belly dancers lead by Kitty Katswell and managed by John Shepherd.

Full-Time Members

Part-Time Members

Temporary Members


Qittaswell Sister Reality

In a reality decicated to the Qittaswell Sisters, TUFF had gone out of business and Kitty and a gang of girls formed their own Belly Dancing Troupe. The villainess members have reformed in this reality.

TUFF Agents

In the TUFF Agents Reality (Which takes place in the show's continuity), the Qittaswell Sisters do exist and have even canonized some elements from the original "Qittaswell Sister" reality, but it is a part-time side-job that the girls have and some of their friends and family from TUFF know their identities.


  • In 2016, TUFFAgentShepherd made a shoutout to his friends and fans that he was looking for part-time members of the Qittaswell Sisters. Eli-J-Brony suggested that Natasha Rabbit and Heather Snake from Woodland Squadron: Foresger could be possible candidates, however TAS stated that it wouldn't be possible for Heather as she had no arms and legs (Except when she's morphed as a Foresger, but having a Power Ranger as a belly dancer just didn't seem right). Natasha was said to be a possible candidate, however, she was not picked to be a member of the part-time members.
  • Eli-J-Brony also considered Robyn as well, however she wasn't accepted due to her being Robyn Starling from the Tom and Jerry Movie in cat form, and also that EJB didn't even invent her. Because of this, Robyn's membership as a Qittaswell Sister was just a one-time thing.
  • Eli J. Brown developed a crush on Hayai after seeing her as a Qittaswell Sister. A romance could be possible and Eli-J-Brony did tell CaseyDecker that if he wanted to, he could pair his character with Hayai, but an official romance between them is currently unconfirmed.
  • Until 2018, YouTube and DeviantArt user, Eli-J-Brony, thought the name "Qittaswell" was pronoucned "Quit-Taswell" until TUFFAgentShepherd told him it was actually pronoucned "Kee-Taswell".