The Prince and The Chameleon is a Season 2 episode.


The Chameleon trades places with a look-alike prince named Chamilis Esquire III to steal the crown jewels of Reptolia, leaving the prince to live his criminal life. Can Kitty and Dudley return the Prince to his rightful throne before the Chameleon ruins the kingdom?


  • Chameleon: Hello, your majesty. I am a guy who looks just like you, THE CHAMELEON!
    Chamilis: What are you talking about?
    Chameleon: I'm saying that we could trade places. You could live like me and I could live like you.
    Chamilis: I have no time for the likes of you. You may have a interesting life, but I like where I am.
    Chameleon: You will do it no matter what!
  • Chamilis: This is an Outrage! Do you know who you're talking to.
    Prison Warden: Yes. You're the Chameleon! The Guy who blew up the military project!
  • Butler: Would you care for a game of tennis?
    Chameleon: Yes, Tennis. The Sport of Kings. Which I do because I am gonna be king.
    (cut to royal tennis court)
    How do you play this again?


  • This whole episode is a parody of The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain
  • The only physical differences between The Chameleon and Prince Chameleon are:
    • The Teeth: Chameleon has crooked yellow teeth, Chamilis has straight white teeth.
    • The Eyes: Chameleon moves his eyes in 2 different directions, Chamilis keeps his eyes in the same direction.
    • The Birthmak: Chamilis has one, The Chameleon doesn't.
    • Bodily Needs: Chamilis has no skin or mouth problems, The Chameleon has cronic eczema and an underbite.
    • Voice: The Chameleon has a Peter Lorre accent, Chamilis has a refined british accent. (Though both are voiced by Daran Norris)

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