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(In Tuff HQ)

(Sherry is being trained to be an agent)

Sherry: Why are you taking so long Crazy. It's been like 5 days we've been on blaster training!

Crazy: That's because you keep blasting Agent Nutz instead of the targets!

Sherry: Well, he keeps standing next to it.

Claire: (walks up) What's up?

Sherry: (sigh) Just continuing my blaster training.

Crazy: Come on, hit the target! (anger is shown on face)

Sherry: (shoots target in the center) Bull's Eye!

Claire: Wow! Great shot!

Crazy: I have to admit, that's a great shot.

Chief: Agents, I have Intel that Bird Brain is trying to steal some scented candles from Hanky Candles!

Maria: I see why, his place is a mess. (pulls out bird droppings)

Sherry: Ewww, I guess this will be a great start up mission.

Crazy: Yep, now, I guess you can do this by yourself since he isn't that great a super-villain.

Claire: Are you crazy, Crazy? He's is the best one of them all!

Crazy: You say that about all the villains.

Keswick: Take this, (hands Sherry a tracking device) It will make sure nothing h-h-ha-happens to you on the


Sherry: Thanks Keswick, I'll be back.

Everyone: Ok

Skipper: Hurry back.

Sherry: (outside) Wait, I can't drive. (walks back in Tuff)

Agent R: Wow, you got Skipper's memo.

Sherry: No, I'm not done. I can't drive, so I can't do the mission alone.

Crazy: Just walk, for Bird Brain's sake. (pushes him back outside)

Sherry: Ok, I'll be back later.

(At Hanky Candles)

Bird Brain: I have all the candles in the store.

Zippy: But why would you need candles, sir?

Owl: Who?

Zippy: Bird Brain

Bat: Where?

Bird Brain: EVERYWHERE! (Throws candle at Owl and Bat)

(Sherry walks in)

Sherry: Wow, that was a long walk. Freeze Bird Brain and minions!

Bird Brain: Who are you?

Sherry: I'm the new Tuff agent at Tuff, and I'm arresting you.

Owl: Who?

Sherry: You!

Skip: Skip!

Sherry: I see why your one of the worst super-villains in Petropolis, your minions are stupid.

Bird Brain: Yes, I know. But I'll take my candles now, and you too. (grabs Sherry)

Sherry: (tackles Bird Brain) Let's go Bird Brain. (takes everyone to the sidewalk)

Bird Brain: Where's your car?

Sherry: I can't drive so I have to walk.

Zippy: Why?

Sherry: I don't have a license.

Owl: Who?

Sherry: ME!!!!!!!!

Bat: Where?

Sherry: On the road. (facepalm) Just come on. (drags them 10 feet down the sidewalk)

Zippy: What's that thing?

Sherry: That piece of gold on the ground?

Zippy: Yeah, it looks like a sector, sir.

Bird Brain: (walks up to the sector) It is.

Sherry: Oh, no you don't. (picks up sector) Wow, it's really old.

Bird Brain: (takes sector) RUN MINIONS! RUN!

(All of Bird Brain's minions run for Hanky Candles)

Sherry: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I guess I'll have to tell the guys about it. (walks back to Tuff with head down)

(At Tuff)

Kevin: I wonder if I should lower the limbo stick?

Claire: No, leave it there. (as Sherry walks in, goes under stick)

(everyone looks at Sherry's glum face)

Ralph: What's the matter with you?

Sherry: Well, I've got good news and bad news.

Crazy: Lay it on me.

Sherry: The good news is, I caught Bird Brain and mentions and found a golden sector. The bad news is, Bird Brain got away with it, so now I'm empty handed. (starts to cry)

Keswick: (while walking to get him a tissue) Why d-d-didn't you call us? The tracking d-device has phone.

Sherry: I don't know, I guess I was so sad I let them get away that I didn't think of it.

WK2000: Which way did he go?

Sherry: He went back to Hanky Candles.

Cheif: Claire, Ralph, and Crazy, go help him! That golden sector could be anything!

Keswick: W-W-Wait a minute Chief, Why do w-we need that many agents for one m-m-mission?

Sherry: I'm a rookie and I need a lot of help.

Claire: Don't get down on yourself, (hands him another tissue), Once we catch him, you'll feel fine.

(Crazy and Ralph Both nod there heads)

Sherry: Let's catch a bird! (runs to the Tuff Mobile)

Crazy: I'll drive.

(Sherry gets in the passenger seat while Ralph and Claire get in the back seat)

Skipper: Hurry Back!

Chito: God Bless!

Agent R: Bye!

(outside Hanky Candles)

Sherry: Yes, there still here!

Crazy: Where, were they last time you were here?

Sherry: At the front door.

Ralph: Let's go!

Claire: (walks in) Freeze Bird Brain!

Bird Brain: What, it's Tuff Agent Claire Catty200!

(everyone else walks in)

Zippy: Wow Sir, they got all of them here now.

Bird Brain: I guess we should surrender.

Owl: Who?

Bird Brain: US!

Bat: Where?

Zippy: Here.

Sherry: Where's the sector?

Bird Brain: Ughh, it actually belongs to my grandpa, Blue Brain, he's a parrot. (shows picture of him with the sector)

Claire: I guess we should return it to him after we put you in JAIL! (handcuffs them all)

Crazy: (While driving to Blue Brain's home) Well, that went well.

Sherry: Yeah, I hope this guy isn't a villain like Bird Brain.

Ralph: He isn't, he is either, to old to, never had an interest in it, or some other reason.

Crazy: Here we are. (pulls in driveway)

(everyone gets out)

Sherry: Wow, it's a nice place.

Claire: Yeah, he has to pay a least 400 dollars a month to live here!

(Crazy rings the doorbell)

Blue Brain: What are you crazy kids doing here, I'm busy!

Sherry: Sorry, sir, but I have something that belongs to you.

Blue Brain: Well, hand it over!

Sherry: (gives Blue Brain the sector)

Blue Brain: WHAT, you found my sector! Where in the heck would you crazy ones come across it?

Sherry: I found it in a ditch, and found out from Bird Brain that it belonged to you so we brought it here.

Blue Brain: Is he still a villain?

Sherry: Oh, yes. We work for Tuff and actually just came back from putting him in jail.

Blue Brain: Well, I'll get back what I was doing, thank you lots.

Claire: No problem.

(everyone walks back to the Tuff Mobile and drive back to Tuff)

Crazy: He was a really nice bird when he found out we had has sector.

Sherry: Yep, I can't wait to walk in Tuff!

Ralph: Everyone should be happy.

(they walks back in Tuff)

Keswick: Here th-they are.

Skipper: That was quick, only 1 hour!

Agent R: Yep, did everything go well?

Sherry: Yep, we even found out that the sector was Bird Brain's grandpa's and returned it to him. (pulls out the photo)

Crazy: I guess now we can do that limbo party!

Sherry: What limbo party?

Keswick: Well, uh, we had one w-w-when you left earlier, and got carried away.

Sherry: What the heck, let's Party!

(the end)

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