• Hints at the new agent:
    • Kitty: A handsome cat with lovely hair and a love for Kitty Katswell.
    • Dudley: A dog who's fun-loving and acts like Dudley.
    • Keswick: A female who looks like and loves Keswick. She is a scientist.
    • Agent Nutz: A photo realistic Squirrel.
    • Sally Mander: A salamander with long Fabio hair.
  • This is the first Season 3 Episode to have no major villain.
  • This episode takes place before "Lizard's First Day".
  • Strangly enough, The Chameleon appeared in the opening on the good side in this episode and Lizard's First Day (as well as the rest of season 3), but in the Season 3 premiere episode Snap 'n Snak/Daytime Savings Light, The Opening had no Chameleon in it (That's because he didn't appear in the first 2 episodes).
  • This marks the first time The Chameleon goes to the good side.
  • The Chameleon had no lines in this episode.
  • This is one the few episodes to end with "To Be Continued…" instead of "The End".

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