• The owner of the mansion that makes the chameleon looks darker than the true owner, because the version of chameleon on the owner of the mansion wears a long coat tipped in the neck, while the actual version of the owner uses only a suit. However, both the chameleon as the true owner speak with a British accent (the chameleon does simulated, obviously).
  • Bunny, the real estate agent who appeared on Share-a-Lair reappears in this episode (as in Share-a-Lair, this episode is also characterized by the chameleon)
  • In this episode we discover the alimentary obsession of Bird Brain: earthworms.
  • It is the first episode that contains one or more references to the horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street, as in a scene Snaptrap appears dressed as Freddie Krueger, antagonist of the film.
  • It is the second time that Bird Brain acts awful, the first being Time Waits for No Mutt
  • Is given to know the name of Keswick, and Keswick is only his last name. His name is Xeke (if you wish, you can change it).
  • It seems that, the chief is very creepy naked.
  • It is the second episode in which some use molecular transformation suits addition to The Chameleon, the first episode being Bored of Education.
  • In some scenes, Snaptrap and Bird Brain use molecular transformation suits
  • This episode shows a new skill of The Chameleon that, in real life, belongs to chameleons of the real life, that skill is changing skin color.
  • It's revealed that The Chief has more than 63 years

Running Gags

  • The Chief drops his towel and appears naked.

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