Chief: Agents Puppy and Katswell, we have a very importaint mission.

Dudley: What is it chief?

Chief: We have intell that a new villaness is threatenning Petropolis. She is beautiful but deadly. Be careful

Dudley and Kitty in unison: You got it chief!

In the city-

Dudley:Who are you and what do you want?!?!?!?

???:I don't have to answer that (fires some kind of laser out of her body) (the laser hits a man and a woman)

???: So long Tuff Agents (flies away)

Dudley: Who is she?

Kitty: Dudley look! are those people who got hit by that

Later at Tuff-

Keswick: We have new info on that v-v-v-v-villaness. Her name is The Lovey Dove and she has the abillity to m-m-m-m-ake people fall in love.

Dudley: How is that possible?

Keswick: Scientifically, it isn't

Kitty: How do we stop her?

Keswick: We haven't figured that out yet!

Chief: Agents we have intell that The Lovey Dove is at the South Pole with the Love Gem

Dudley: What's the Love Gem?

Keswick: A gem that has the power to make the world fall in love!

Dudley: Let's go Kitty!!!!!!

At the South Pole-

Dudley: Freeze Lovey Dove!

Lovey: Who told you who I was?

Dudley: That's not important

  • Lovey fires the laser at Dudley And Kitty*

...........mysteriously it's deflected at the love gem breaking it, also robbing Lovey of her powers

Dudley: That was weird

Back at Tuff- Dudley and Kitty are in the snack room

Dudley: I think I know why the laser didn't work Kitty

Kitty: Why?

Dudley: Kitty, Would you go out with me?

Kitty: (cries tears of joy) Of Course.


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