The Fast and the T.U.F.F is a miniseries. It's Not part of the main series,it's it's own series.&nbsp


A group of evil racers come to Petropolis.They challenge T.U.F.F to a racing tournament.T.U.F.F agrees,not knowing what's in store for them!

Episode 1

The T.U.F.F Agents are relaxing,when Ralph sees some cars racing towards them.They stop,and the ringleader,Chris Welch,challenges T.U.F.F to a racing tournament.The first race has 2 of his men,Shawn and Dax,and Ralph and Claire,racing.Dax wins,Shawn second,Ralph coming in third,and Claire coming in last(she apparantly couldn't keep from crashing into stuff)

Episode 2

Ralph is working on his car,when a new racer,Thirza,comes up.She challenges them to a street race in Jet City.Ralph agrees.At the race,Thirza,Shawn,another villian racer named Mike,Tony Waxer(teamed-up with Ralph),and Ralph on the field.The villians cheat(obviously),and the results are:


2:Mike(crashed into Tony to flip over the finish line,finishing second)




Episode 3

The episode starts out on a T.U.F.F operated ship.Shawn,Chris,Dax,Mike,and 2 new racer named Rex and Cody invade the ship during a storm.They shoot lasers at the crew members in the bridge.They then find Keswick and Dudley in bunk beds in the crew quarters,sleeping.They capture the two.They then find Kitty in the hallway outside of the quarters,and capture her.They then fight through various T.U.F.F/crew members,eventualy finding Ralph,Chief,Starson,Claire,Macy,and then a large,steel crate with the package their looking for.They take it with them,right after they were alerted that 2 T.U.F.F planes are coming.They bomb it,yet the villians.(with the agents mentioned before) escape on a helicopter before the ship sinks.The agents are taken to a camp,where Chris says that to be freed from the camp,2 agents must race with the villians,and one agent must win. Ralph(with help from Keswick),enters,alongside of Mcy.Keswick,secretely inside Ralph's car,helps him,The villians are Shawn,Dax and Cody,but they all dread having to race on Jet City/Petropolis's mountainous outskirsts.The heroes figure out how the villians keep beating them,so,they copy them.The results are:


2.Cody(sabotaged Macy's car,and (accidently) Shawn's transmission.




Episode 4

It begins with Chris sayin' that they rigged the cars to beat his team,so,he sends his "best at the moment" racer,Jared.He challenges a face-off with Ralph,with Ralph easily winning.Jared believesa he cheated,challenging him to another race,this one tag-team race.The race led to several traps set up by Jareds team.The results were:

1.Ralph,partner #2:Dudley,#3:R.J

2.Tony,#2:Jeremy,#3:Shawn (M.M.E.O.W agent)

3.Jared,#2,Shawn (welch's crew),#3:Dax

4.Snaptrap,#2:Ollie,#3:Bad Dog

Episode 5


Ending movie