Intro: The Suit Comes Off

  • (The episode starts at The Chameleon's lair)
  • Kitty: Freeze, Chameleon! You're not getting away with...umm, what are you doing again?
  • Chameleon: I'm just on the treadmill! I had one too many rhinoceros beatings yesterday.
  • (Chameleon's tail gets stuck on the treadmill. He tries to pull out his tail without prevail).
  • Chameleon: Ahhh! Kitty! Stop this crazy thing!
  • (The treadmill pulls the Chameleon and loops him around a few times before flinging him. As Chameleon is being flung, his suit quickly slips off of his body.)
  • Chameleon: (off-screen) AHHH! (crash!)
  • (Cut to Dudley and Kitty heading to the treadmill. Chameleon gets up, but only a part of his silhouette is shown.)
  • Chameleon: Stupid Treadmill.
  • (Cut to Kitty and Dudley up close. The faces are respectively that of embarrassment and disgust.)
  • Kitty: Oh my goodness!
  • Dudley: Geez, man! Make yourself decent!
  • (cut to The Chameleon with only his face on-screen; He looks down and screams)
  • The Chameleon: Don't look! (runs at a cartoonish speed)
  • (Kitty turns off the treadmill then looks down at the Molecular Transformation Suit on her feet!)
  • Kitty: Hey, look. His suit came off! This looks interesting.
  • Dudley: I call dibs on the suit! (runs up to the Transformation Suit) Its mine! My precious. My precious.
  • Kitty: (sarcastically) That was not weird at all. Come on, Dudley. Let's confiscate it and do an analysis.
  • Dudley: MINE!!!

Suit Yourself

  • (meanwhile at T.U.F.F. HQ)
  • The Chief: (with Keswick) I can't believe we survived the bone-cracker!
  • Keswick: Good thing Du-Du-Dudley and Kitty didn't come.
  • Kitty: Keswick, we confiscated The Chameleon's Molecular Transformation Sui... HEY!!! Two things. First, you have no soul, Keswick. And second, where did it go?
  • (Dudley puts on the Molecular Transformation Suit.)
  • Kitty: Dudley, what were you thinking?!
  • Dudley: Oh, right. Sorry. Here, you have a go.
  • Kitty: Gee, thanks Dud...hey, wait a minute!
  • Keswick: Guys, you're missing the big picture here. In the wr-wr-wrong hands it could cause a part of The Chameleon's personality could spread on Dudley.
  • Kitty: I think Keswick may have a point here.
  • Dudley: Kitty, this suit is awesome! I couldn't hear you because I was fiddling with it while you were telling me not to fiddle with it.
  • Kitty: He never even listens to me.
  • Keswick: Or me...
  • The Chief: Don't look at me.
  • Dudley: Kitty, you should try it.
  • Kitty: I'll pass. Besides, I wore villain's clothes one time. Snaptrap's clothes, but they were too itchy (shows a picture of Kitty in Snaptrap's clothes itching herself).
  • Snaptrap: It's only because my mom won't pay for a good tailor.
  • Kitty: Yeah, we all hate your mom. Now get back into your jail cell!
  • Snaptrap: Yes, ma'am! (runs away and locks the jail door) I shall now, plot my revenge! Or not. Because all I basically did was lock myself up in a prison cell.
  • Kitty: DO YOU EVER SHUT UP?! (alarm goes off)
  • TBC

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