The Corps is a season 2 episode of T.U.F.F. Puppy.

Guitar gag: Ralph strums the guitar, and it turns into a torpedo and explodes.


Carter Carbon forms a gang.


  • Episode starts at Carter Carbon's HQ*

Carter:*Get's newspaper*Probably junk about T.U.F.F busting somebody.WHAT?!TAgent Ralph Wolf get's Silver Star from Chief Herbert Dumbrowski.(Chief screams "don't say that name"!)Darn T.U.F.F!"

  • Episode goes to Ralph's House*

Ralph:*Walks out door*Wonder what'll happen today.

R.J:*In car*Get in.

Ralph:*Get's in car**Sighs*At least i'm not late today.

R.J:Ai'nt that the truth?

Ralph:*Car pulls up to T.U.F.F HQ*Thanks dad.*Opens door*See you at,hopefully,6:00 or 6:30.*Closes door*

R.J:Cool.*Drives off*

Ralph:*Walks into T.U.F.F*Hey Starson.

Starson:*Playing PetStation 3(Parody of Playsttation 3)*Hey Ralph.I'm going to get a snack.Play the game if you want.

Ralph:*Plays game*Whoa.This game is fun!

  • Goes back to Carter*

Carter."I ned a group.About every villian in town has one.(Shows cameos of D.O.O.M,The Chameleon with E.V.I.L,And Bird Brain with Zippy,Bat,and Owl.)See?I need one."*Leaves into the streets*

  • Back at T.U.F.F*

Chief:Agents Puppy,Katswell,and Wolf,i'm assigning you to a mission.Carter Carbon was seen putting up posters on Poles and even cars and buses!It's madness!You need to stop him!*Runs to his office crying*

Ralph:I guess let's go.*All three jump in T.U.F.F Mobile,and drive off*

  • Goes to Carter*

Carter:*Hanging posters*The Corps will be succesful!

  • Ralph,Kitty,and Dudley appear*

Ralph:Freeze Carbon!


Ralph ,Kitty,and Dudley:GET HIM!

Carter:*Kicks Garbage bin,the trio of T.U.F.F Agents trip over it.**Hides inside alley on the next street*

Dudley:He went this way*Ralph and Kitty follow Dudley,who leads them to a hot dog vendor*

Carter:Suckers.*Runs away*

Kitty:Dudley,that's a hot dog vendor.We're chasing...

Dudley:I know,but I really want a hot dog.And I saw him run this way.

Hot Dog Vendor:I got some mustard.SEE?!

Ralph:Ugh,let's find Carbon.Bye sir.

Hot Dog Vendor:You mean Brad?

Ralph:Yeah.Bye Brad.


  • Goes to Carters HQ*

Carter:Whoa.Didn't think this many people would come!

Random Crinimal:Well duh,you're awesome!

Carter:Thanks,now let me get you're names.You'rs?

Gangster:Broickerecender Broiboinininininjjjhuu.


  • Goes to streets of Petropolis*

Ralph:Time for my favorite song to come on the radio.

  • Time card says 5 hours later**Goes to Carters HQ*

Carter:Okay,our first crime:Robing a bank.

Gangster:Um,boss,that's old school.

Carter:I know,but it's easy!Get in the helicopter!You 15,get in!*Get's in helicopter*

  • Goes to T.U.F.F Mobile*

Ralph:Anyone want to get something to eat?

Kitty and Dudley:Jet City.

Ralph:Jet City it is!

  • Keswick appears on monitor*

Keswick:Sorry,agents Puppy,Katswell,and Wolf,but I have new intel about Carter Carbon robbing a bank.Get there now!

Ralph:On it Keswick!*Turns the T.U.F.F Mobile around*

  • Goes to bank*

Ralph:Freeze Carbon and whoa where did you get those guys?

Carter:Posters and bye-bye!*Get's in helicopter*That was easy!


  • Title card says 15 minutes later**At T.U.F.F HQ*

Ralph:And then boom,he fired lasers at us!


Ralph:Yep.And then he got away.



Starson:Hey guys.

Claire:I'M NOT A GUY!

Starson:Okay guy and girl.

Claire:Much better!

  • Chief appears*

Chief:Agents Wolf,Catty200,and Vietnam,Carter Carbon is robbing people walking in Solitude.

Ralph:Nice.Solitude.The Petropolis Underworld.Well underbelly.Doomies are held there every year.

Chief:Get down there.

Ralph:Claire,wanna come?

Claire:No,i'll sit this one out.Have fun though!*sits down*


Starson:*In T.U.F.F Mobile*Already a step ahead of you!

Ralph:*Jumps in*Let's go.*Drives off*

  • In Solitude*

Ralph:Freeze Carbon!

Carter:* in helicopter flying above them*SUCKERS!*Flys off*


  • at Carters HQ*


Gangster:Boy that's alot.

  • Ralph,Kitty,and Dudley jump out of T.U.F.F Mobile*



Ralph:Freeze...all of you!

Carter:Men,get him!*Gangsters jump out from behind him*

Ralph:This is gonna be a loooooonnnnnngggggggg fight.

  • Time card says 1 hour later*

Ralph:*Beats up last gangster*Alright,now for Carbon.

Carter:You're too late!I've set the mega bomb!Nothing can stop me now!*Flies away on jetpack*

Ralph:Oh no ya don't!*Jumps on Carters jetpack,fight him,then three unknown gangsters fire lasers at Ralph,where he jumps on there heads one by one,knocking them out,then destroying Carters jetpack,making him crash into a stone wall,dropping his key,with Ralph catching it*

Ralph:*Disarms bomb*Petropolis is saved!

  • Back at T.U.F.F*

Chief:Agent Wolf,i'd like to award you this medal for saving our butts!

Ralph:Wow.2 medals within 24 hours.Cool.

  • Endingpose is done*

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