The scene starts as a giant loud hammering sound plays as it zooms towards company.Everyone is blocking their ears, except Clarie."This new song is cool.Its got...a funky...beat!"Clarie says as she dances."Agent R will not deal with this new construction!What is the construction being formed into anyway?!"Agent R said as he angrily put on a pair of Quacky the Duck earmuffs."Fried chicken store", "Fried chicken store", "Fried chicken store"."Whispered WK as he crossed his fingers."I believe it's some kind of Bottle cap Museum."Ralph answered.The agents sighted annoyingly."Oh boy,i love bottle caps! They make me feel special."Clarie said."Oh,and in what way?" Matt said."I DON`T KNOW!"Clarie said exited"I had a theme song for it it" She said as she blew a kazoo "Bottle caps,Caps for bottles are so fab...". "STOP!" the agents said, "IT BURNS!!" said WK200"Maybe we could get a famous band.Like the Drumsticks!"."You can try WonderKat,But its gonna take a mile to reach my fresh beats!"Said Clarie."Fresh?"Said Skipper.

"Chief told me to tell you guys that we need to find a way to get rid of the museum"Said Kitty as She and Dudly entered the room."And he told me to ask you if you heard that terrible screeching."Said Dudley."You got it!"Skipper said"Ley`s pray there won`t be a twist by the time where done."The agents try to sabatoge the construction.Clarie ties herself to a drill truck.The drill truck digs into the ground.While doing,Clareie says "Wheeeeeeeeeeee!"Skipper and Agent 12842 tie there wrists to a rising i-beam.Each one getting hit by another one.Kitty,Dudly and WK do a chant.

"Hey,Hey!Ho,Ho!The construction site has got to go so everyone can be happy except people who wanted this museum to be real but it still has to go!"."Allrights,Allrights"Said a constuction worker."WE DID IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!"Everyone cheered.Another construction worker hammers a sign into the ground.'Comming Soon,Haunted House?!?!"Clarie said,starting to get scared."Look,Buddy.We wanted this site REMOVED!"Said an outraged Dudly."Sorry,Folks.It`z dah rulez"Said the construction worker as he drove of."OH NO!Whats gonna happen now!?"Said a terefied Clarie."I don`t know clarie."Said Kitty"But were gonna find out."

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