The Bird-Brains and The Bees is a Season 2 episode.


Dudley is desperate to know where babies come from, but he's looking for answers in all the wrong places


The Bird-Brains and the Bees/Transcript


  • Despite Bird Brain's name in the title, he doesn't appear until near the end of the episode.
  • Explanations for where babies come from:
    • Peg: Storks
    • Kitty: Laughs inappropriately rather than explain.
    • Chief: Science lab
    • Keswick: Scolds Dudley rather than explain.
    • Nutz: Trees
    • The Chameleon: Eggs
    • Larry: Is interrupted by Snaptrap before he could explain.
    • Snaptrap: Rotten food grows into babies
    • Bird Brain: Shows a slideshow of many ways animals give birth (he could have gone to newborn puppies if he wasn't interuppted by Snaptrap)
  • Bird Brain has a different outfit in this episode.

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