Here's a halloween short for my Kudley Series so Enjoy! -A-CD

The A-CD Kudley Series: Halloween is a short between the birth of Jacob and Katy Puppy.


George, Emily, and Jacob go trick or treating.


  • Dudley: Yay! It's finally halloween.
  • Kitty: Hopefully you'll have enough candy to fill the candyless wasteland between now and easter, unlike last time.
  • George: C'mon Mom and Dad. I see people outside in costumes already.
  • Kitty: Relax, I still need to dress Jacob. It's his first halloween.
  • Emily: I think my bag is too small
  • Dudley: Nonsense, with a costume like that, you probably won't get that much.

[Emily frowns]

  • Kitty: Ok, there! Jacob is nice in his bunny costume.
  • George: Ok, let's go.
  • Kitty: Now where did I put my keys.
  • George: Uggh...
  • Dudley: It's ok, Kitty, I have mine.
  • Kitty: Good.
  • George: Phew. Now let's go!
  • Kitty: Ok, Ok...

[They walk out of the house]

  • All: Trick or Treat?
  • Neighbor #1: Here you go!
  • Kitty: George and Emily, what do you say.
  • George: Candy Time
  • Emily: Uh, what George said.
  • Kitty: Nevermind.

[Next House]

  • All Trick or Treat?
  • Neighbor #2: Hey, that girl's costume is horrible.
  • Dudley: Told you so.

[Emily Frowns]

  • Neighbor #2: Anyway, here's your candy!
  • George and Emily: Thanks!
  • Kitty: Oh, so now you say the right word.

[Next House]

  • All: Trick or Treat?
  • Neighbor #3: GET OFF MY LAWN!

[They run away]

  • All: Trick or Treat?
  • Neighbor #4: Sorry... i'm out of candy.
  • Dudley: Oh shoot. Next House!

[2 hours later...]

  • George: Yay! I have so much candy, I used Emily's bag for the extra candy.
  • Dudley: See Emily? You should've chose a better costume.
  • Kitty: Don't worry Emily. I saved some candy from my trip to the store.
  • Emily: Phew Thanks.
  • Jacob: Candy!
  • Kitty: Oh my gosh, you said your first word, Jacob!
  • Jacob: Yay!
  • Kitty: And so on.
  • George: I need candy.
  • Emily: Look at your bag.

[George and Emily do an action-pose]

The End!

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