Here's the first movie of the A-CD Kudley Series. Enjoy! -A-CD

The Wedding is the first movie of the A-CD Kudley Series.


Dudley and Kitty get married. Meanwhile, the Chameleon tries to ruin it.


(scene starts with Dudley waking up)

Dudley: Isn't there something special going on today?

(gets ready)

Dudley: Oh my gosh, I forgot to have breakfast!

(has breakfast)

Dudley: Oh my gosh again. It's my wedding today! The party last night was awesome!

(flashback to party)

Dudley: Oh well, it's not until 5 o'clock.

(scene turns to T.U.F.F. HQ)

The Chief: So Kitty, you ready for the wedding tonight?

Kitty: Oh my gosh, that's right! I better get my dress ready.

(dudley comes in)

Dudley: And i've better get my tux ready. So, who's gonna be the flower guy?

Chief: I was born to be a flower guy!

Keswick: I can hold the basket.

Dudley: Sure Thing!

(scene turns to The Chameleons lair)

Chameleon: So, Dudley and Kitty are getting married. Bah, I want to get married to another girl I met. Well, I'll just have to do something about it. *laughs (evilly*

(scene turns to Dudley's house)

Mrs. Puppy: Aw, Dudley is growing up so fast. Here is an apartment book.

Dudley: Thanks, but me and Kitty are going to live in a treehouse I just made in the backyard.

Mrs. Puppy: I don't think Kitty will like that very much.

Dudley: I sure hope my tux is ready. And...

(checks the wash) is!

(scene turns to Kitty's house)

Kitty: Dress


Good Smell


Everything else


Everything should be ready.

5 o'clock. The time of the wedding.

Chameleon: Step one of my plan is done!

Joe: You may have me tied up but

(chamelon zips his mouth shut)

Chameleon: Now, time to transform into Joe. *transforms* Now it's time to head inside!

(scene turns to Kitty and Dudley)

Kitty: This is it.

Dudley: Yes, yes it is. Hey, how do I look in this tux.

Kitty: Great

Chameleon: Ha Ha Ha! Now it's time.

(Kitty and Dudley walk up to him)

Joe: Noooooooooooooooo!

This guy next to me is an imposter.

Chameleon: Oh yeah? Prove it!

(Joe gets cup of coffee and spills it on him, revealing he's the chameleon)

Chameleon: Fine. Have it your way.

Kitty: Luckily, I have some handcuffs in my pocket.

(chameleon gets arrested)

Kitty: All right Joe, you may continue.

A while later...

Joe: Do you, Kitty Katswell, take Dudley Puppy as your husband.

Kitty: Apparently... yes I do.

Joe: And do you, Dudley Puppy, take Kitty Katswell as your wife.

Dudley: The same thing Kitty said.

Joe: Ok, you may now kiss the bride.

(Dudley and Kitty share a kiss. Everyone else claps)

Chief: Yaay!

Not long later.

Dudley: Hey chameleon, even though i'm married, i'm still a T.U.F.F. Agent

Chameleon: Yeah, so?

(Dudley and Chameleon do an action pose)

The End!

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