Here's the birth of Emily -A-CD

The A-CD Kudley Series: The Second Child is the third movie in the A-CD Kudley Series.


Kitty gives birth to Emily.


  • Dudley: Here comes the airplane, George!
  • George: Yum!
  • Kitty: Wow, I can't believe baby George is already 4 years old.
  • Dudley: Meh, I can believe it.
  • Kitty: Well another baby is coming.
  • Dudley: Wait, wuh?
  • Kitty: Another baby.
  • Dudley: Yay!
  • George: Bwubber?
  • Kitty: Or a sister.

[2 months later]

  • Dudley: I think you need to work out more, Kitty.
  • Kitty: It's the baby that's making me look fat.
  • Dudley: Oh, that's right.
  • Chief: Wait, you still have those pink clothes I got for you 4 years ago right?
  • Kitty: Yes. Why?
  • Chief: This time, it might be a girl.
  • Kitty: Yes, and the pink clothes would come in handy.
  • Dudley: Um, how long is this cartoon? I need to go back to my friends in Bora Bora.
  • Chief: Dudley, didn't you just break the fourth wall?
  • Dudley: I can stay here if you want.

[5 months later]

  • Kitty: Ok, according to the doc, the baby is expected to arrive next week.
  • Dudley: Good
  • Kitty: And the baby is most likely to be another boy.
  • Dudley: Well it's about time we have a girl. George is turning five tomorrow.
  • Kitty: We must get a birthday cake for him.

[They run to Petropolis market]

  • Kitty: Don't let George see!
  • George: Wha?
  • Kitty: Nothing.

[1 day later]

  • Kitty and Dudley: Happy Birthday George!

[George laughs]

  • George: Cake!
  • Dudley: Yes, there's cake. Um, you like vanilla cake, right?
  • George: Want Chocolate Cake!
  • Dudley: Well good thing we haven't eaten it yet.

[George picks up his toy car]

  • Dudley: George, no!

[George smashes the cake]

  • George: I like vanilla!
  • Dudley: Good

[The next week...]

  • Kitty: Dudley, I think the baby is coming! Ow again.
  • Dudley: Ok, time to drive to the hospital again

[7 hours later]

  • Dudley: Wow that baby is so cute. It's a boy right?
  • Kitty: Believe it or not, it's a girl.
  • Dudley: Ok, then what should we name her.
  • Kitty: Jenna, Malia, Emily, Anna...
  • Dudley: Emily.
  • Kitty: Good idea.

[2 weeks later]

  • Dudley: George, here's your new sister.
  • George: Yay!

[Dudley and George do an action-pose]

The End!

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