The A-CD Kudley Series: The First Child is the second movie of the A-CD Kudley Series.


Kitty gives birth to George.


  • Kitty: Dudley, I have a suprise for you!
  • Dudley: Where!?
  • Kitty: It's this sentence. Wait for it. I'm pregnant!
  • Dudley: Oh my gosh. Just...awesome!
  • Kitty: Right. I wonder if it's a boy or a girl.
  • Dudley: I sure hope it's a boy.
  • Kitty: I don't care if it's a boy or a girl.
  • Dudley: Hey wait a sec, we should have a baby shower
  • Kitty: I'd say in two months.

[2 months later, there's a baby shower]

  • Keswick: I brought a new crib for the baby.
  • Kitty: How thoughful of you, Keswick!
  • The Chief: I brought some clothes, I hope it's a girl because they're all pink.
  • Kitty: It better be...
  • The Chief: It's true, because I didn't spent $80 on nothing.

[Agent Maria walks in]

  • Kitty: Maria, glad to see you here!
  • Maria: So, wait, what is this for again.
  • Kitty: The new baby. If it's a boy, i'll name him Robert
  • Maria: What about George
  • Kitty: I actually like that name better!
  • Dudley: When will the baby come?
  • Kitty: The doctor said in 7 months.
  • Dudley: Aw, 7 months later.
  • Kitty: All you need to do is be patient.
  • Dudley: Fine.

[Drago the Wolf walks in]

  • Drago: I have a suprise for you!
  • Dudley: Wait, who are you again?
  • Drago: Drago the Wolf.
  • Dudley: Oh.
  • Drago: Anyway, I got some pacifiers, bottles, and 2 ton of diapers. Luckily, they were on sale.
  • Dudley: I don't think we'll ever have to get diapers.
  • Kitty: Thanks, Drago!
  • Drago: No problem!

[7 months later. The baby is coming!]

  • Kitty: Dudley!
  • Dudley: Yes, Kitty?
  • Kitty: I think the baby is coming. Ow.

[Dudley rushes Kitty to the hospital]

  • Nurse: I'm available.
  • Dudley: Whew.

[A little while later...]

  • Nurse: According to this sonogram, the baby is healthy.
  • Dudley: Good.
  • Kitty: Meet me in one hour, okay?
  • Dudley: Ok. I love you
  • Kitty: I love you too.

[One hour later]

  • Dudley: I finally finished the novel I was reading. Hey, wait a sec, it's been an hour. Time to go check on Kitty!

[Walks into room. Kitty has a baby in her arms]

  • Dudley: Oh my. Is it a boy or a girl?
  • Kitty: It's a boy.
  • Dudley: What should we name him?
  • Kitty: How 'bout... George, the name Maria wanted to name him.
  • Dudley: Good idea.
  • Nurse: Congratulations Mr. Puppy, you are now a father.
  • Dudley: Yay!

[14 days later, they arrive home]

  • Kitty: Boy, the crib Keswick got is pretty big.

[George yawns and falls asleep]

  • Dudley: Wow, he's so cute.
  • Kitty: Absolutely.

[The next day, Kitty brings George to T.U.F.F.]

  • Dudley: HEY T.U.F.F.!
  • Kitty: Dudley, calm down. You don't want George to cry, do you?
  • Dudley: No.
  • Kitty: Everyone, it's a boy!
  • Chief: I sure hope I still have my receipt.
  • Keswick: I want to h-hold him!
  • Kitty: Sure.

[George touches his nose]

  • Keswick: Haha he's funny!

[hands Kitty the baby. Suddenly, Agent W gets intel that Snaptrap is going to rob a bank]

  • Snaptrap: Attention T.U.F.F. Agents! I will... aw, that's a cute baby you have their Kitty. I change my mind about robbing a bank.
  • Dudley: Good.

[Dudley does an action-pose]

The End!


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