Alright! Here's the birth of Jacob. -A-CD

The A-CD Kudley Series: Another Special Delivery is the fourth movie in the A-CD Kudley Series.


Kitty gives birth to Jacob.


Dudley: George, it's time for your first day of second grade!

George: Can I stay home?

Kitty: Absolutley not, young man.

George: At least I have all my supplies.

Emily: I want ice cream!

Kitty: Your going to have to wait. George already ate all of it.

George: I was really hungry!

Kitty: Anyway, I'll be going to the store later on.

Dudley: Be sure to get a lot of ice cream. George might eat a lot.

George: C'mon, we need to go to school!

Dudley: Alright, Alright!

[Scene turns to Petropolis Elementary School]

Dudley: Here you are, George! Have a nice day at school!

George: I sure hope so.

[Inside the school...]

Mrs. Lewis: Alright, welcome to your first day of second grade! I'm Mrs. Lewis, and we're going to have a fun day!

All students: Yay!

[Meanwhile at the house...]

Kitty: Dudley!

Dudley: What? Let me guess... Another Special Delivery?

Kitty: Exactly.

Dudley: Please tell me this is our last baby.

Kitty: Maybe...

[5 months later]

Kitty: Yep, this is going to be our last baby

Dudley: Or is it?

Kitty: Anyway, let's go to the hospital again!

Dudley: Sure thing

[5 hours later]

Dudley: Who's that little angel in your hand Kitty?

Kitty: Jacob, Jacob Puppy

The End!

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