The A-CD Kudley Series is a Kudley series by User:Anti-Cosmo Dude.


Well, A-CD just wanted to create his own Kudley Series pretty much.


There are unknown amount of planned movies in the A-CD Kudley Series, as more of them are added.

Plot of Movies

The Wedding

Dudley and Kitty get married. Meanwhile, the chameleon tries to ruin it.

The First Child

Kitty gives birth to George.

The Second Child

Kitty gives birth to Emily.

Another Special Delivery

Kitty gives birth to Jacob. Meanwhile, George starts second grade.


The kids go trick or treating.

The Final Child

Kitty gives birth to Katy.

Jacob's Touchdown

Jacob joins his school's football team and does something awesome at the end.

The Concert

Emily joins a band and plays the trumpet at a concert.

Merry Christmas

It's christmas, and the Puppy family celebrates. Meanwhile, the villains try to ruin Christmas.

Twice the Jacob

Emily creates a copy of Jacob, but things go horribly wrong.

A Big Surprise!

Kitty gives birth to a new baby.

France, Visitez!

The Puppy family go to France.

Growing Up

Almost all of the kids are grown up.

A T.U.F.F. Finale

The finale of the A-CD Kudley Series.

List of Babies/Kids


  • 30 years pass by between The Wedding and A T.U.F.F. Finale.
  • The series makes a few Sonic references, due to A-CD being a Sonic fan
  • The longest episode/movie currently is Merry Christmas

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