Gender: Male
Hair color:       Grey
Species: Siberian Husky
Age: 22
Birthday: May 19th
Personal Information


  T.U.F.F. Agent (formerly)


  130 Husky Lane

Petropolis, CA

Love Interests:
  Get revenge against Ralph, and also amass wealth
Ryan Burke (Father)

Suzy Burke (Mother)

Elliot Burke (Grandfather)

Danica Burke (Grandmother)

Crazy (in his dreams)
Tabby Burke, Jr. (son, in his dreams)
Tabby Burke III (grandson, in his dreams)

Sunny Burke (Granddaughter, in his dreams)

Connor Burke (Brother)

Johnny Burke (Brother)

Andreas Burke (Brother)

Shauna Burke (Sister)

Kassidy Burke (Sister)

RC Blair (Cousin)

Chippy Torch (Second-Cousins)

Tabby Burke is a Siberian husky and is a rival of Ralph. He is also a T.U.F.F. Agent and is there mainly for glory and greed. He secretly hates everyone at the agency, but, he always reminds Ralph and WK every 2 hours at least. He has a crush on Crazy for some time, then moves on to various agents, currently having a crush on Crazy, but, for an unknown time.

Relations with other characters

Chief: Like everyone else, except for Crazy, he hates him with all his heart. Secretly, that is. The Chief, however, thinks it's just rookie jitters and nervousness.

Kitty: He once had a crush on her, but, Kitty soon found out, and beat him up. He then hated her. However, he still considers her a good agent.

Dudley: He thinks Dudley is a nuisance, and hates him. Dudley thinks they're friends, with annoys Tabby even more. Tabby thinks Dudley is a terrible agent, but, he still finds it in his heart to thanks him for his services at T.U.F.F.

Keswick: Tabby probably likes Keswick more than Dudley and Kitty combined. He thinks his stuttering is annoying, but, he likes his gadgets. Tabby still hates Keswick, however.

Ralph: Tabby has hated Ralph since the 9th grade, because Ralph didn't pass him the ball in the basketball game that led Petropolis to end Jet City's winning streak against them (the first game of the season), and another reason, which, I really don't need to say...

Crazy: He has a crush on her. In other words, she's the only agent he likes.

R: He hates him, but, he has even admitted to having no reason to hate him.

WonderKat: He hates him as much as Ralph. He thinks he's annoying, a fried chicken fanboy, and a menace to society. He hates him for WAY too many known and unknown reasons.

Claire: He thinks she's nice, but, really doesn't know about her...

Chito: He likes him for his beliefs, but, dislikes sheep for some reason.

Da Red Knight: Friends, but, still fights him. 'Nuff said.

Kevin: He thinks Kevin is too "violent". He hates Kevin for unknown other reasons.

AMO: He liked him, until Amo accidentally poked him with his quills. Nothing else to cover here.

Agent 12428: He thinks Matt is a good agent, but, hates him for unknown reasons.

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