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"T.U.F.F. vs. Sponge"
Season 1?, Episode ?
Airdate: March 25th, 2011
Writer(s): KittyKatswell925
T.U.F.F. vs. Sponge 2 (in storyline)

(In jellyfish fields.)

(Spongebob and Patrick are jellyfishing.)
Spongebob: Look Patrick, I caught one.
Patrick: Me too. *puts face in net, gets stung.* AHHHHH!
Spongebob and Patrick:....... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
1 hour later...
Spongebob: Wow that was fun, let's go visit Sandy now.
Patrick: Ummmmm, okay!
(At the treedome)
Sandy: It's done! My teleporter is complete! I can't beleive that I even updated it to go to altrenate worlds.
Spongebob and Patrick: Hi Sandy!
Spongebob: What's that?
Sandy: It's a teleporter.
Spongebob: Can we try it?
Sandy: NO! Well, I do need to test it, sure why not.
Spongebob and Patrick: Woo hoo *all get in teleporter.*
Sandy: Now let's go somewhere simple. How about the Krusty Krab? I'm hungry. *Types in Krusty Krab, machine starts to shake.*
Patrick: What does this button do *pushes Petropolis.*
Sandy: NO DON'T TOUCH THAT! *They disapear into mid-air.*

(In Petropolis.)

Snaptrap: Mwuhahaha! Now I can eliminate all the cheese with my giant cheese magnet! If I can't have cheese, nobody can!
Larry: Um, Snaptrap. Didn't we already do this plan and we failed?
Snaptrap: Larry, have you ever heard the statement "Never give up?" Well I'm using that statement right now! Now be quiet or I'll throw you in the sharktank!
*Kitty and Dudley break in.*
Dudley: Freeze Snaptrap!
Snaptrap: Oh great, you guys again! What are gonna do?!
*Kitty ties Snaptrap up in rope, including his minions*
Kitty: Great job Dudley! *Kitty's phone watch gets a message.*
Cheif: *on phone watch.* Good job agents, but if you still want to catch a bad guy, go to The Chameleon's lair.
Kitty: We're on it cheif!
Dudley: Alright Kitty, let's go kick some bad guy butt.

Driving down the street....
Dudley: We're going to get that Chameleon. That meanie must of done something awfal. And nothing will distract..... SHINY THING!
Kitty: Whaaaaaaa *almost hits other cars.* DUDLEY! WE COULD OF GOT IN AN ACCIDENT!!!

Kitty: No, we are not going to see the "shiny thing."
Dudley: PLEASE? *makes sad eyes.*
Kitty: Oh alright, but if the chameleon destroys Petrpolis, your explaining it to Cheif *Drives toward shiny thing.
The shiny thing is really a teleporter, but they don't know that.*
*Pulls up to shiny thing.*
Dudley: Shiny thing! *gets inside teleporter.*
Kitty: Dudley get back here! Your going to get us all hurt!
Dudley: Ooohhh, what does this button do? *Pushes a button, mechine starts to shake*
Kitty: DUDLEY!!!!! *They disapear into mid-air *

All: AAAAAHHHH!!! *They all fall into Gray Island. The sky is gray and dark. Nothing is on Gray Island. This is where 2 worlds collide *
Kitty: Great Dudley! We go on a simple mission and now you get us here?!
Dudley: Well I couldn't help it! I had to push that button!
Kitty: Yeah right *hits Dudley.*
Dudley: OH IT'S ON! * Gets into fight with Kitty *
Sandy: Well this certainly isn't the Krusty Krab.
Patrick: Yea, where are the Krabby Patties?
Spongebob: And where's Mr. Krabs?
Sandy: I think we are in some kind of altrenete world. Let's go explore and see if we can find anything.
Dudley: That's it Kitty! I am done fighting with you.
Kitty: Good! Now let's go exsplore to find food or something. *starts walking.* I can't believe it's come to this. The Chameleon would of been arrrested by now!
Sandy: It's so weird how we got on this island! I wonder, OW *Bumps into Kitty and Dudley.*
Dudley: What the?!
Spongebob, Patrick and Sandy: ...

T.U.F.F.: ...



Dudley: WHAT?! We're not taking your money.

Spongebob: Really?

Kitty: Yes really, why would we take money from you?

Patrick: Oh, that's an easy question! Umm..... I don't know.

Dudley: We were about to arrest the Chameleon...

Sandy: The Chameleon?

Kitty: Oh, well, we have a pretty crazy job. You see, we're part of T.U.F.F, the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force, and we're secret agents.

  • Everyone stands and stares. Patrick falls on his side.*

Spongebob: Um....

Sandy: Wow cool! That must be an awesome job!

Dudley: It is! You get to fight bad guys, ride in a cool car and get employee discounts!

Kitty: So anyway, who are you guys?

Sandy: My name's Sandy!

Kitty: I'm Kitty. Nice to meet you *She shakes hands with Sandy.*

Spongebob: And I'm Spongebob!

Patrick: Spongebob! What's my name?

Spongebob: You're Patrick.

Patrick: Oh yeah...

Dudley: I'm Dudley. Yes, I already know I'm awesome! *Everyone shakes everyone's hands with each other.*

Patrick: Ok, just one question: WHERE ARE WE?!

Kitty: I don't know, but everyone calm down. We're just stuck on an island.

Dudley: WITH NO FOOD!!!

Kitty: Oh come on! What's the worst that could happen?

  • A giant tornado appears and starts heading straight toward them*

Spongebob: That.

All: AHHHH!!!

All: *get picked up by tornado and lands in Petropolis.*

Dudley: Yay! We're home!

Spongebob: But we aren't.

Patrick: WE AREN'T?!

Kitty: Patrick, calm down. We'll get you home somehow, I hope.

Spongebob: AHHH!!! WATER!!! WE NEED WATER!!!

Patrick: We're gonna die!

Dudley: Wait, you need water?

Spongebob and Patrick: YES!!!!

Kitty: Ok, um... *finds 2 fishbowls, fills them up with water.* Put these on!

Spongebob: *gasp* Thank you!

Kitty: Wait, if you need water, how can you survive on the island?

Patrick: Uhhhh...

Spongebob: Um, we have magic powers?

Kitty: Really? I don't think-

Dudley: Cool!

Kitty: Well besides we are here, we should go tell The Chief what happened.

Spongebob: Who's The Cheif?

Patrick: Uhhhh....

Dudley: He's our boss. And the leader of T.U.F.F.

Kitty: Maybe Keswick can get you home somehow.

Sandy: Who's he?

Kitty: You'll see. *they begin to walk towards T.U.F.F.*

Spongebob: *walking into T.U.F.F.* Wow, this is sooo cool!

Patrick: Oh, what does this thing do? *picks up ray gun*


Patrick: *destroys half of T.U.F.F. with ray gun*

Kitty: Ray. Gun.

Sandy: Patrick! Don't touch anything!

Cheif: What's going on? Who are they?

Kitty: Really long story, I'll explain later. Anyway, they are lost and need somewhere to stay. Is it ok to let them stay here for awhile?

Cheif: Well, the pink guy destroyed half of T.U.F.F., but, ok, they can stay. But I'll be watching them. *hops on Sandy's hand.* I'm watching you, squirell! You could be crazy like Agent Nuts!

Agent Nuts: I like nuts! *stuffs nuts into mouth*

Sandy: Um, ok? Snaptrap: It doesn't make sense! How could our plan fail?!

Larry: I told you it would. *Snaptrap shoots Larry with a lazer* OW MY EYE!

Ollie: Well now what are we doing, boss?

Francisco: Hey! What's that over there?

Snaptrap: I have no idea. Maybe it will help us somehow. Let's go see what it is. *they go over to teleporter* Get in that thing, OR PARISH! *they all get in it*

Francisco: What does this thing do? *pushes Gray Island, machine starts to shake*

Snaptrap: Francisco, I am so firing you after this is over. *they teleport to Gray Island*

(At the Chameleon's lair)

Chameleon: That's weird, I thought those T.U.F.F. agents would be here by now to send me to jail by now. Oh well. Now to set off my bomb to destroy the city! And what's that over there? *walks over to teleporter* Some kind of trick? Well I'm going to get rid of this thing! *pushes Gray Island* Uh-oh *teleports to Gray Island*

(At Bird Brain's lair

Bird Brain: I can't believe I don't have an evil plan! I need one so bad! I mean other villains get so close to winning and I am just standing here! And what's that? *walks over to telporter and gets in it* What does this button do? *pushes Gray Island* This is going to be bad, isn't it. *teleports to Gray Island*

(At the Chum Bucket)

Plankton: Yes! Finally I can teleport to the Krusty Krab, steal the secret formula and port right back here with this new teleporter I built!

Karen: Honey, I don't think this is going to work.

Plankton: Yeah, this is all I hear from you; Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Karen: *sigh*

Plankton: Wish me luck! *gets in teleporter* Now all I need is to is push Krusty Krab. *pushes Gray Island* Oops! That wasn't right! *teleports to Gray Island.*

All villains: AHHHH! *Fall onto Gray Island* Snaptrap: Where in the world are we?

Francisco: Snaptrap, we're not alone.

Snaptrap: AH!

Chameleon: AH!

Chameleon: What are you doing here?

Snaptrap: No, what are YOU doing here?

Bird Brain: What is going on?

Snaptrap: Oh great, now you too! Man, what is with people! *he begins walking, then steps on Plankton.*

Plankton: Ow!

Larry: What was that noise?

Plankton: Down here.

Ollie: Boss, look. I've found a talking speck.

Chameleon: Looks more like a bug to me. *tries to eat Plankton.*

Plankton: AHHH!!! Stop trying to eat me weird lizard!

Chameleon: I am not, I repeat NOT weird.

Francisco: Who are you little speck?

Plankton: I'm not a speck, and the name's Sheldon, but please call me Plankton.

Bird Brain: Sheldon?! HAHAHA!!

All: *laughing*

Plankton: It's not funny! I've got a ray gun in my pocket, ya know?!

Snaptrap: Wait, a ray gun? Are you evil?

Plankton: Of course I am.

Snaptrap: Well, maybe we should team up and work together.

Chameleon: Will you invite me to your ice cream socials?

Ollie: Sure.

Chameleon: Then I'm in.

Bird Brain: Me too.

Plankton: Me three.

Snaptrap: Then it's settled. We will unite and rule the world!

Ollie: Now that we're a team, what are we doing, boss?

Snaptrap: Well, first of all, GETTING OUT OF THIS PLACE!

  • A giant tornado appears*

Larry: We're doomed.

All: AHHHH!!!! *Giant tornado carry them away.*

(Back at T.U.F.F.)

Kitty: Well, now that you're here, why don't we give you a tour?

Patrick: What's a tour?

Kitty: Not to be rude, but your friend is really stupid.

Sandy: We know!

Dudley: Now to show you the best room of all, THE SNACK ROOM! It has every snack in the world and everything is automatic. Press this one for coffee, press this one for chips, press this one for a hair cut, push this one and a gorilla will appear, push this one-

Kitty: Ok, Dudley, I think they get it. Now let's show you the conference room.

(The gang just arrives at D.O.O.M.)

All villians: AHHH!!! *They fall into D.O.O.M. HQ*

Snaptrap: Yay! We're back at D.O.O.M.

Plankton: D.O.O.M?

Snaptrap: The Diabolical Order Of Mayhem.

Plankton: Hmm, that's clever. *gasps* Water! I need to breath!

Chameleon: You need water to survive?

Plankton: YES! *faints*

Snaptrap: Ollie, get a fishbowl!

Ollie: Here you go. *puts Plankton in the fishbowl*

Plankton: Thanks, but who am I going to be evil in this fishbowl?

Snaptrap: We'll make it work out. By the way, how did you survive without water on that island?

Plankton: Um, I have magic powers?

Larry: Cool!

Snaptrap: Now to destroy those T.U.F.F. agents.

Plankton: T.U.F.F?

Bird Brain: They're our enemies.

Plankton: Oh.

Snaptrap: Larry, bring up the T.U.F.F. cam.

On camera
Kitty: And ths is the computer room.
Spongebob: Neat
Sandy: Wow
Patrick: *drools*
Chameleon: Who are they?
Snaptrap: Oh my gosh, they must be new tuff agents.
Plankton: And those " new tuff agents " are my enemys, SB, Patrick and that dumb sqriull!
Snaptrap: Well I think I have a plan to destroy them. I got a make your own poison kit in the mail, and I made my own poison gas. What if we captured one and poisoned them?
Francisco: Sounds great. But who are we capturing?
Snaptrap: How about the yellow square named, um?
Plankton: Spongebob
Snaptrap: Spongebob. Wow what a weird name. Everyone get to the D.O.O.M. mobile. I'll explain the whole plan in the car!

Sandy: Wow what a cool tour. Thanks guys!
Dudley: Your welcome. You know what, I'm hungry for donuts. I'm going to the snack room to get one *goes in snack room* NOOOOOO WE ARE ALL OUT OF DONUTS!!!!! WHY?!!?!?!?!
Kitty: Dudley, calm down! Someone will just go and get some. Who's going?
Spo: I'll go!
Kitty: That'd be awesome Spongebob! Get half a dozen of jelly filled, and half of cream filled. The bakery is right down the street.
Spongebob: Thanks Kitty! I'll be on my way.
Patrick: Spongebob is leaving!? WHY?!!?
Kitty: Sandy, can you explain to him.
Sandy: Yes, yes I will.
Down the street...
Spongebob: La la la la la la la la la la

Snaptrap: *dressed in suit and fake moustacte* Ok ready everyone? Let's get him!

Sb: La la la......

Snaptrap: Hello young man, how are you?

Sb: Um Snaptrap: Anyway, I was just wondering if you knew me. Here's my card * hands sb card*

Sb: wait a minute, this is just a peice of card board.

Snaptrap: what no it's not!

Spongebob: And your mostache is fake! Are you trying to trick me?

Snaptrap: No way!

Spongebob: I'm sorry, but I'll just be on my way to pick up the donuts.

Snaptrap: Oh that's ok, I guess...... NOW GET IN THE SACK!

Spongebob: Wait what? *Snaptrap pulls Spongebob into the sack*

Snaptrap: HA ha I did trick you. And this moustache is fake! Also, I'm evil! Mwhahahahahahha!


Kitty: He's only been gone for 20 minutes.

Sandy: That's still a long time just to pick up donuts down the street.

Patrick: It is?

Kitty: Yeah your right, I'm going to go look for him! Down the street........

Kitty: That's strange * picks up map * It's the map I gave spongebob. O well, I'm sure there's just a long line at the bakery. * sees doomible *

Chameleon: Um, Snaptrap. I think we're going in circles.

Snaptrap: Be queit, I know where we're going.

Spongebob: GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Snaptrap: Be quiet Spongebob! You'll never escape. Hahahahaha!

Kitty: Oh my gosh! Spongebob was captured by Snaptrap! We have to save him *on walkie talkie* Dudley, Spongebob was captured by D.O.O.M. I'll be over there in a minute. We have to save him!

Kitty: *arrives* I'm here!

Sandy: I heard the news, this is terrible!

Patrick: What is?

Kitty: Does he know about-

Dudley: Sandy tried telling him, he didn't get it.

Patrick: Get what?

Kitty: Ugh! We need to do something! Sandy, Patrick, follow me. *goes to weapon room* Sandy, take the boomarang and Patrick take the heat ray. Read the manuals while I talk to Dudley.

Patrick: Kitty, I don't know how to read

Sandy: I'll read it for him

Kitty: Dudley, Idk if they can handle this. I know Sandy can, but Patrick's too stupid!

Patrick: Who is?

Kitty: YOU!

Patrick: What?

Kitty: *facepalm* Are you guys done reading the manuals?

Sandy: I am!

Patrick: Umm-

Dudley: Everyone to the T.U.F.F. moible! It's operation save Spongebob!

  • they arrive at doom *

Snaptrap: Spongebob, welcome to my top secret lair. And so you can't exscape * ties Spongebib up in chair *

Spongebob: Why are you doing this to me?! Let me go!

Bird Brain: Never!

Snaptrap: Now your probably wondering *in girly voice* Oh what is he going to do to me?! The pain, the torture! Spongebob: Is that really how I talk?

Ollie: No, that's just his dramatic girl voice.

Snaptrap: Now Plankton, show him my plan.

Plankton: Of course I will.

Spongebob: Plankton, what are you doing here?!

Plankton: I'm part of D.O.O.M. now Spongebob!

SB: Huh?

Plankton: Anyway, Snaptrap here made a posion gas which poisions people. So he is going to poision you. And you can't do anything about it!

Spongebob: Noo!!

Chameleon: YES!!

Snaptrap: Now then *unties Spongebob* Any last words before I posion you?

SB: Well, there is one thing I have to say. When you go into a teleporter and go to an altrenete world, and you meet a talking cat and dog that are secret agents, and you get trapped by a crazy rat and about to be posioned, that's just ok. Because I have had a great life, it's ok if I die now, because my soul will always live!

Snaptrap: Wow, that was so beautiful, I might let you go.

SB: Really?!

Snaptrap: No not really, GET ON WITH THE POSIONING! * sprays gas *

Spongebob: * coughing, faints *

Snaptrap: HA HA HA HA HA * Patrick, Sandy, Kitty and Dudley come in *

Dudley: Freeze, and let Spongebob go! Snaptrap: Never! Kitty: Guys, you hold them off, I'll get Spongebob * picks up Spongebob, takes him back to the car * Come on guys. {C}All good guys : * run to car, drive away * {C}Snaptrap: OH COME ON!

Back at T.U.F.F..............

Kitty: Cheif we have bad news. Spongebob was captured by doom and was posioned!

Cheif: Well, get him to Keswick. He might be able to help. {C}With Keswick.............

Keswick: * scanning SB * Guys, I have good news and bad news. {C}Patrick: What's the good news? Keswick: The good news is, your friend is just in a really deep sleep.

Sandy: And what's the bad news?

Keswick: The bad news is, he might die.

All: WHAT?!

Kitty: We can't let that happen!

Keswick: The only thing you can do for now is let him rest, and hopefully he'll wake up.

Kitty: I'll go set him in the eympolee louge on the couch * runs to louge * Plz wake up soon Spongebob!

Dudley: So now what do we do? Patrick: Go get a smoothie! Sandy: No, we wait. At doom........ Snaptrap: I can't believe it, he escaped. Larry, bring up the T.U.F.F. cam again.* on cam, Spongebob is still sleeping*

Plankton: Wait a minute, he's still poisoned. We can get him back!

Francisco: But how?

Chameleon: Wait a minute. What if I disguised myself as a fly, flew in and got him back?

Snaptrap: That's a great idea! Everyone to the D.O.O.M. mobile, again!

  • Arrives at T.U.F.F.*

Snaptrap: So what's your plan again?

Chameleon: I'll go in there and get Squarebob back.


Chameleon: Oh you know what I mean *turns into fly*

  • in T.U.F.F., at secruity camera *

Sandy: How is he doing?

Kitty: Pretty good, still asleep though * alarms go off *


Dudley: No it's not, those are just the alarms.

Kitty: Dudley, the alarms are bad * sees Chameleon capturing Spongebob * Oh great not again!

  • in doom molbile *

Chameleon: Guys, I got him. It was a piece of cake!

Snaptrap: Great, then let's get going. MUAHAHAHHAH!

Dudley: Great, now that Spongebob's gone, WHAT ARE WE GONNA TO DO?!?!

Kitty: What we're gonna do is get Spongebob back, and save him, again.

Sandy: But how?! We're not super agents like you!!!

Kitty: I think you forgot about last time.........

Sandy: But last time we failed.

Dudley: My great great great great great great great great great great great great..........

Kitty: OK OK WE GET IT!!!!

Dudley: Anyway, she said "Never give up, and everything will be fine." I believe that's true!

Kitty: Exactly. Sandy Patrick, take these * hands ray guns * Now let's go!!

Back at D.O.O.M..... Snaptrap: Mwhahaah! Yes, we finally have him back!

Bird Brain: And now what do we do with him?

Snaptrap: Mwhahaha huh? Oh yeah, I didn't think of that. Well, anyone have any ideas?

  • Sandy, Kitty, Dudley and Patrick break in *

Kitty: Freeze Snaptrap, your not getting any ideas anyday!

Snaptrap: Ugh, do we have to go through this again?!

Patrick: I think so.

Sandy: Of course we do! * shoots everyone with ray gun *

Dudley: Well that was easy!

Kitty: C'mon *picks up Spongebob* let's go

driving down street in T.U.F.F. mobile *
Kitty: Let's make this worth it! Hopefully Spongebob will wake up sooner or later.
Patrick: Yep.
Sandy: Totally! Spongebob has been my friend for years, and I hate to see him like this. * gets tears in eyes * I don't want to lose him now! Please wake up Spongebob, please! Your the best friend I've got! * starts crying *
Spongebob: Ohhhhh.....
Dudley: Did he just make a noise?
Sandy: He did?
Spongebob: Ohhhhh * wakes up * Where am I?
All exspect Spongebob: YIPEE!!!!!!!!

Spongebob: What happened?
Sandy: Oh, Spongebob! I'm so gald your safe * kisses him on cheek *
Kitty: Awwww...
Spongebob * blushes *
Patrick: Well, it all started off....... * drive down street, soon arrive at T.U.F.F. * ...... and then we killed the bad guys and saved you.
Dudley: I don't think we killed them.
Kitty: No, they'll just be unconsious for a while.
* go into T.U.F.F. *
Kitty: Everyone, Spongebob is ok!
Patrick: So now what?
Keswick: Well we could have a party.
Everyone: Yay!!! * balloons and confetti rain down *

everyone is just hanging out, Keswick walks up to Sandy *
Sandy: Hi who are you?
Keswick: Name's Keswick, I'm the one who checked on your friend.
Sandy: Oh yeah that's right. Are you a scientist?
Keswick: Kinda, more of an inventer.
Sandy: I'm kinda both. Nice to meet ya * shakes hand *
Keswick: You too * shakes hand *
Sandy: That thing that happened to Spongebob was pretty scary.
Keswick: Yeah, hopefully D.O.O.M. won't bother us anymore.

Back at DOOM......
Snaptrap: We need another evil plan. I mean, how could that one not work?!?!?!
Plankton: It's all Kitty and Dudley's fault! We were victorious before they came!
Larry: Well what if they didn't come?
Chameleon: That wouldn't happen. They're too good, and all they care about is keeping the world safe.
Bird Brain: Well what if they weren't good?
Snaptrap: THAT'S IT!!! Oh I hope we still have it. Ollie, when was the trash last taken?
Ollie: Last Monday, sir.
Snaptrap: Great, we still have it * goes to trash can, pulls out mechine * This is a hypnotizing mechine, this is exscatly what we need! We'll hypnotize Kitty and Dudley, and they'll join our side, and we'll finally rule Peterpolis!
Plankton: Brillient! This plan has to work, it just has to!

Sandy: I'm just so glad Spongebob's safe.
Kitty: Yeah, that was a close one.
Spongebob: Thanks for saving me guys.
Patrick: Your welcome.
Cheif: And now that were all together, nothing can go wrong.
(BOOM!!!) *Snaptrap breaks in*
Snaptrap: It is I, Verminous Snaptrap, ready to put in action, the most evil plan ever!
Spongebob: Please don't hurt me!
Snaptrap: Oh it's not about you, it's about that stupid cat and dog *He traps Kitty and Dudley in ropes* Goodbye, everyone *jumps out window*
Keswick, Sandy, Patrick, Cheif:... AHHHHHHH!!

  • they arrive at D.O.O.M. Snaptrp ties Kitty and Dudley to the wall*
    Snaptrap: Well well well, it looks like we have two of T.U.F.F.'s best agents.
    Kitty: You'll never get away with this.
    Snaptrap: Oh, I think I will. Guys, bring it out * bring out hypnotizing mechine *
    Dudley: Kitty, what is that.
    Kitty: Idk, but whatever it is, it's not good.
    Snaptrap: Guys, tell them what it is.
    Bird Brain: It's a hypnotizing mechine, so you will be hypnotized......
    Plankton: ...... to join our side, and you will.......
    Chameleon: ....... help us destroy Peterplois, and maybe the world.

Dudley: Ha, we're not scared.
Snaptrap: You aren't?
Kitty: Of course not. Just a little hypnotizing won't make us evil.
Francisco: Well, you'll be sorry!
Snaptrap: Indeed they will, guys, start up the mechine! Prepear to be evil, NOW *nothing happens*
Dudley: Ha, told you!
Snaptrap: Guys what happened?
Chmeleon: It's warming up. Yep, just one more second...... one more little second...... just one teeny tiny little......
Kitty: What's the point here?
Chameleon: It's ready.
Snaptrap: Prepear to see your inner evil *machine starts*
Kitty: Yeah right, a little hypnosis isn't......gonna...... *looks at mechine, eyes turn into sprials, then turn red. This also happens with Dudley*
Snaptraps: Guys, untie them *they untie them* And now, we will rule the world!!!!

Sandy: Ahhhhhh!!! Kitty and Dudley were captured!!!

Patrick: Yeah, we're usually the ones who get captured!!

Spongebob: Patrick!

Patrick: What are we gonna do?!

Cheif: What we're gonna do, is save them, and then.... Outside: Attention.....

  • Spongebob, Sandy, Patrick, Keswick and the Chief walk outside. Snaptrap is talking on a blimp. Everyone is out on the street watching*

Snaptrap: It is I, Verminous Snaptrap, proud to annouce that I am your new king!
Sandy: Says who?
Snaptrap: Says I! Anyway, you're probably wondering how I can just come out here and become king. Well, I want you to meet my new team. Guys *Bird Brain, Plankton, Ollie, Francisco, Larry and the Chameleon come out in blimp* So now, I can say that I'm king, and can't do anything about it.

Spongebob: So that's why all the villains were with Snaptrap.
Keswick: Yes, the must of teamed up!
Snaptrap: And a message to T.U.F.F. Yes, I can see you down there. Hello Keswick, who tricked me into thinking you were bad!!!
Keswick: Hey!
Snaptrap: And the 3 musketeers, I see you too.
Sandy: Do we look like muskeeteers?!
Snaptrap: And the guy of honor, the Cheif!
Cheif: That's Herburt to you!
Snaptrap: I really don't care. Anyway, my message to T.U.F.F. is that you can't, and you shouldn't, try to stop me. Because your 2 best agents, just joined my team! Kitty, Dudley! * Kitty and Dudley come out on blimp. Their eyes are still red from the hypnotizing *

Cheif: Oh my gosh! Kitty and Dudley joined the dark side!
Keswick: This is terrible!
Patrick: It is?
Sandy: Patrick, let's play a game! It's called, who can stay quiet the longest.
Patrick: How do you play?!
Sandy: You be queit as long as you can. Ready, GO!!!
Snaptrap: Guys, tell them......
Kitty: Besides Snaptrap is your new king, you have to follow all the rules!
Dudley: And if you don't, you will go into the dungeon of doom!!!
Sandy: What's the dungeon of doom?
Kitty: You're probably wondering what the dungeon of doom is. Well, it's extreme pain, and certain death!!!

Snaptrap: You know what, just to make this easeir, I'll get it out * brings out hypnotizing machine * I don't want any of you not following my rules, so I'll just hypnotize you istead. Just like I did to Kitty and Dudley here, but they don't know it, so prepear to work for me!!
* nothing happens * Oh come on what happened?!
Chameleon: It's warming up again! One more minute.
Snaptrap: Oh great, not this again!
Chameleon: Almost there..... one more little itty bitty.....
Sandy: Is there a point here?! GET ON WITH IT!!!!
Snaptrap: Thank you Sandy, but we got it!
Snaptrap: Oh finally!!! * machine starts *
Sandy: Guys, I know what this is, what ever you do, DON'T LOOK AT THE BLIMP!!! * machine hypnotizes everyone in Petrpolis exspect Spongebob, Sandy, Keswick, the Cheif, Patrick and the bad guys *
Snaptrap: Now everyone, get to work!!! Mwhahaha!!! And just for fun * uses weather cannon to make it stormy *

Spongebob: Ok you now all realize that we're about to die right?
Sandy: But we can't give up!
Cheif: Exactly! T.U.F.F. agents never give up, and we can't either. Now we're going to go over there, beat Snaptrap and save Kitty and Dudley!
Keswick: Ok, but first we're going to need some weapons from the weapon room.
Patrick: Cool! Into to T.U.F.F. we......
BOOM!!! * T.U.F.F. crashes down one letter at a time *
All: ..........
Patrick: Well that wasn't good.
Sandy: Ugh!!! We're just going to have to go without weapons.
Spongebob: But how?
Sandy: Me and you know karate right?
Spongebob: Um, yes?
Sandy: So we'll use the power of karate to save Kitty and Dudley! And then we'll be in rainbow happy funtime land.
Spongebob: We will?
Patrick: Yay I can't wait to be there!
Cheif: Come on, let's do this!

  • Keswick, the chief, Sandy, Spongebob and Patrick walk to doom, where all the bads guys including Kitty and Dudley are. They soon arrive *
    Spongebob: OK, how are we going to ge in there?
    Keswick: We're going to have to sneak in.
    Sandy: How, is there like a secret entrance or something?
    Cheif: Well, there is a air duct on top of doom.
    Patrick: That's it! We'll break the air duct and bang on it to get they're attention.
    Cheif: Actually I was thinking we could sneak through the air duct.
    Patrick: Ohhhhhhh.
    Keswick: Ok * uses gun with rope and hook to get to top of doom * Everyone grab on * all get pulled to top of doom building *
  • on D.O.O.M. building*
    Spongebob: So, where's the air duct?
    Chief: Right over there *points to air duct*
    Patrick: How are we gonna get inside the air duct?
    Keswick: We're going to have to break it *breaks top of air duct* Ok everyone, I'll go in first. One at a time come in after me *goes in air duct*
    Cheif: Alright goes in air duct*
    Spongebob: Well, here it goes *gets in air duct, follwed by Sandy*
    Patrick: HERE I COME!!! CANNONBALL!!! *jumps in air duct*
    Sandy: Wait Pat- *Patrick crashes into air duct making a loud crashing sound*
    Patrick: *everyone stares at him madly* What?

Keswick: Alright, let's go. *all crawl through air duct until the find a tube to crawl down to. It leads to a room in D.O.O.M.*
Sandy: Where does this go?
Cheif: Looks like down to a room.
Spongebob: Should we try it?
Keswick: Let's take a risk. I'll go down there, one at a time follow me. But take care of the pink guy * goes down tube, followed by Spongebob, Chief and Sandy. Patrick once again jumps down making a crashing noise. They all hear footsteps *
Keswick: Hide! *all run to closet and hide*

  • All are hiding in closet. They all hear voices outside*

Snaptrap: Mwuahahaha! This plan is perfect!
Kitty: And we'll finally rule the world!
All bad guys: Mwuhahaha!
Snaptrap: But first, I need to get something from the closet.
Spongebob: Oh no! * Snaptrap goes in closet, but doesn't see them * Whew, that was a close one.
Patrick: * sneezes * AHHHHHCHOOOOO!!!!
Sandy: Patrick!
Snaptrap: What was that? * goes back in closet and finds them *
Spongebob: Um, hi there!
Snaptrap: INTRUDERS!!! Guys come here, we have a couple of visitors!

  • all bad guys walk over to closet *
    Plankton: Oh great you guys again!
    Chameleon: Well I think we know what to do with them. * all bad guys go and start tying them up. They put the Chief in a plastic container *
    Dudley: Now lets go show them the perfect punishment for spying on us.
    Patrick: Actually we were here to save Kitty an-
    Sandy: Patrick, just be quiet! * all good guys get thrown in car, doom drives them away *
  • Arrive at Petrpolis prison. They take the good guys out.*
    Snaptrap: Intruders, welcome to my prison!
    Sandy: It's not your prison!
    Snaptrap: Actually, for your info, I rule Snaptropolis now!
    Sandy: O great he changed the name too!
    Snaptrap: Now follow me * good guys are carried to jail cells. Sandy is put in a cell with Spongebob and Patrick, while the Chief and Keswick are in the other. The bad guys untie them*
    Snaptrap: Hope you enjoy! Mwuahahaha!
    Spongebob: Oh no!
    Patrick: What are we gonna do?!
    Cheif: Everyone, stay calm. We'll figure someway out! *Kitty and Dudley walk by*
    Kitty: Ha ha ha, having fun in there?
    Patrick: No
    Sandy: Guys, how could you do this to us?! You guys are good! It's just the hypnosis making you evil! Snaptrap is evil and he hypnotized you! You guys have to understand that. Please! *They look at her like she's crazy, then smile a little but then open jail cell to take her out*
    Dudley: That's it. You're going in the dungeon of doom.

Sandy: Wait, that's not what I meant. Let go of me. Come on- AHHHHHH!!!! * Gets carried away by Dudley and Kitty * Patrick: Ahhhh!!!
Spongebob: We gotta get out of here!
Cheif: If only we can see the lock comination.....
Keswick: That's it. Cheif, if you can get out there and see the lock comination, we can get out of here!
Cheif: Ok, I'll try * Keswick lifts him up to see lock * Let's see, I think it's 8,2,9,4,6.
Keswick: 8,2,9,4,6.... * Unlocks lock * Yes we did it! * goes over and unlocks Spongebob and Patrick's cell * Now let's go save Sandy!

  • Kitty and Dudley carry Sandy over to Snaptrap *
    Kitty: This young lady here didn't follow the rules, so she's going in the dungeon of doom!
    Snaptrap: Alrighty then! So Sandy, you scared? Are you going to run away from me? Go on, I'll give you a head start. * Sandy looks around nervously, then sadly hands in her hands * Oh well, I didn't exspect that to happen * puts hand cuffs on Sandy also ties her up * Now let's go. Mwuahahahaha! * start lowering her into pool of lava *
    Spongebob: Wait * all good guys run over * Let her go!

Snaptrap: Well well well, it looks like we have the four super heros coming to the rescue!
Spongebob: I'm not afraid of you Snaptrap!
Snaptrap: Well you should be! Anyway, guys, get them! * Everyone one starts attacking each other. Spongebob is about to punch the chameleon when Kitty flips him over and kicks him *
Spongebob: Ok that is it I have had enough of this! I am going to unhypnotize them whatever it takes! * He steps back, and takes a running start toward Kitty * Sorry to do this to you * He kicks Kitty really hard, knocking her out. Everyone stares at Kitty, who is knocked out on the floor *
Snaptrap: Um yeah, I think we're doomed! AHHHHH!!!!!
* Everyone starts fighting again, but this time the good guys start to win. Spongebob does another powerful kick on Dudley, also knocking him out. Keswick goes and unties Sandy. All the bad guys get in the jail cells *
Snaptrap: We will now, PLOT OUR REVENGE!!!

All good guys: Woo hoo!!!
Patrick: So now what?
Cheif: Well we should do something about agent Puppy and Katswell.
Sandy: Yeah, but if we wake them up now, won't they still be evil?
Keswick: Not if I unhypnotize them first. * goes over and carries hypnotizing machine over * Let me just set this on reverse * sets it on reverse and unhypnotizes Kitty and Dudley *
Spongebob: Did it work?
Kewick: There's only one way to find out: wake them up.
Spongebob: But what if they're still evil?
Keswick: We're going to have to take the risk. I'll wake up Dudley and Sandy, why don't you wake up Kitty?
Sandy: Ok.

Sandy: * walks over to Kitty who is still knocked out * I hope this works * starts shaking her * Kitty, Kitty, Kitty wake up.......
Kitty: Ohhh.... * after a few seconds, she opens her eyes * Ohhh, what happend.
Sandy: It's a really long story * helps Kitty up * You and Dudley were hypnotized by Snaptrap, and.....
Kitty: Wait,WHAT?! Is Dudley ok?
Sandy: Yeah he's just waking up over there. * Kitty runs over to where Dudley is. He's just waking up *
Dudley: Kitty, what happend.
Kitty: We were hypnotized by Snaptrap.
Dudley: Wow * gets up. Kitty walks over to Sandy *
Kitty: Thanks for saving me.
Sandy: Well, um, actually it was Spongebob. He did this powerful kick that knocked you out and we woke you up.
Kitty: Oh.

Kitty: *walks over to Spongebob* Thanks for saving me.
Spongebob: Oh, well, I..... *Kitty leans over and hugs Spongebob. Spongebob accepts it and hugs back. They hug for a while*
Sandy: So now what?
Cheif: Well we should fix the town.
Spongebob: But how are we un-hypnotize every citizen of Petrpolis?
Kitty: *thinking* Wait a minute. I have an idea!

Kitty: What if I pretended to still be evil, and say I wanted to make an annoucment to Petropolis. Then you guys bring in the hypnotizing machine, set it to reverse and unhypnotize everyone.
Cheif: Great idea! Let's try it!
Kitty: Alright, Dudley and Sandy, after I say I have an annoucement, you unhypnotize everyone.
Sandy: Alrighty. * pulls hypnotizing machine with Dudley to deck. Everyone follows *
Kitty: Muwahaha! Everyone, I have an annoucment * everyone in Petrpolis looks * Now guys! * Dudley pushes the button and everyone is unhypnotized *
Petropolis citizen: What happend?
Kid: I don't know!
Kitty: Everyone, it's a long story. But look at this city! It's destroyed! So we all need to fix it up and rebuild it. Who's with me?!
* Everyone is quiet *
Kitty: I said who's with me?!?!!?
Everyone: I am!
Kitty: Then let's do this * everyone citizen starts fixing up city * Spongebob: So now that's done.
Dudley: Now what?
Keswick: Well we probably should set the weather back to normal....
Patrick: OH IT'S A MONKEY! * Pushes button on weather cannon and sets weather back to normal *
Keswick: Or we could just do that.
Sandy: Maybe we should go back to T.U.F.F?
Kitty: Good idea! Let's go.

  • All are walking back to T.U.F.F. They arrived, but it's still destroyed *
    Dudley: Uh oh!
    Cheif: Well, we should probably get building.
    Spongebob: Hey, what's that? * points to a gray machine. It's a teleporter *
    Keswick: O yea, well, while you guys were saving Spongebob, I started working on a teleporter, and I finished it.
    Sandy: Your kidding!
    Keswick: Nope.
    SB, Patrick, Sandy: Woo hoo! * they look at Kitty, Dudley, Keswick and Cheif *
    Spongebob: Well, we're really going to miss you guys.
    Kitty: * with tears in her eyes * Me too * hugs Spongebob *
    Dudley: I'm going to miss you man.
    Patrick: Me too * Fist bumps Dudley *
    Sandy: It would cool if we could work together.
    Keswick: Wanna trade cell phone numbers?
    Sandy: Deal!

Sandy: * crying * Well, goodbye!
Everyone: Goodbye!
* Spongebob, Sandy and Patrick get in teleporters. Sandy pushes Bikini Bottom and the return home *
Spongebob: Yes we're home!
Patrick: Hooray!
Spongebob: Well I better get home. I have work tommorow.
Patrick: Yea, I gotta get home so I can eat.
Sandy: OK bye guys!
Spongebob and Patrick: Bye! * they leave *
Sandy: Wow, I never knew a day could turn into an adventure.

THE END!!!!!!!

Snaptrap: Ugh, we have to escape!
Chameleon: What's that glowing light?
Plankton: I have no idea *goes over and gets sucked in. He returns home*
Karen: Oh honey your back! What happened?
Plankton: Well, let me just say it's a long story.

NOTE: This has been modified from it's orginal verison.

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