Dudley: Kitty! I have problem! I must have day with my sister Diana!

Kitty: And?

Dudley: And? She was annoying me in my childhood!

  • when Dudley was 8 and Diana 6 *

Diana: Dudley! You will coming to my tea party?

Dudley: Sorry, i make only things to older kids!

  • Two years later *

Diana: Dudley, you will coming to my tea party?

Dudley: I havent time for yours kiddish things!

Diana: * cry *

  • Back to present *

Kitty: You cant be too rude to your younger sister!

Dudley: And i was say how is ugly? Brakes, glasses...

mom: * Is there, with Dudley´s sister Diana * Hi Dudley, you was dont see your sister long time ago! So there is!

Diana: Hi Dudley! How are you?

Dudley: No, i dont go to yours te... Greeting? So hello...

Diana: So, you are secret agent? Cool! I havent any work... I cant find... * See Keswick * Wow, who is your cute colleague?

Dudley: Who?

Diana: That with glasses, white laboratory coat, orange shirt, black tie...

Dudley: Of course, his name is Keswick!

The Chief: So this is your sister? She isnt like on your album...

Dudley: My album? That is private thing!

The Chief: I was nothing say!

Dudley: Anyway, what about braces and glasses?

Diana: Finnaly, i havent metal on teeth and i can see pretty colors of world!

Dudley: No, where are!

Diana: And where are YOURS braces and glasses?

Dudley: Oh, you right!

The Chief: Agents, i have message a Snaptrap make a new inventory, what can grant wishes... I dont know what he can do with that! You must stop them!

Diana: Who is Snaptrap? Villian? I can go with you?

Dudley: Sorry, is very dangerous

Keswick: A-And against our Ru-Ru-Rules!

Diana: But, im not a child!

Dudley: Sorry, but you know what happened in your childhood!

  • In past, some bully torture Diana *

Diana: But...

Dudley: Sorry, i will return, bye!

Diana: He to me is not at all! * Sit to chair *.

Keswick: Tha-Tha-That ok!

Diana: Yes, but im his younger sister! He must have some time with his!

  • Meanwhile, in D.O.O.M *

Snaptrap: I must find some great wish...

Larry: What about take over a Petropolis?

Snaptrap: Be quiet Larry... I know! Take over a Petropolis!

Larry: That was my idea!

Snaptrap: Do not think only of yourself! * Press some button and kick Larry to hole with shark *. So i wish...

Kitty: Dont so fast, Snaptrap!

Snaptrap: But, but, but whom have we here? Agent Puppy and Katswell! * Press button and traps Dudley and Kitty *.

  • Meanwhile in T.U.F.F *
  • Keswick and Diana play Ludo *

Diana: Now you go!

Keswick: O-ok! I ha-have five!

Diana: Cool! * Nose * I dont know why, but i think Dudley is in danger!

Keswick: That o-o-ok, agent Pup-Pup-Puppy is good agent!

Diana: You right, i cant be nervous... but still, i have bad feeling!

Keswick: Tha-tha-that ok... and who ends?

Diana: You, you was have five!

Keswick: Oh cou-cou-course!

  • Meanwhile in D.O.O.M *

Dudley: Have some plan?

Kitty: No... only if we were at least three!

Dudley: But who is that " third "?

Kitty: I dont know! Somebody!

  • Back to T.U.F.F *
  • Diana looking at photos *

Diana: That is me like baby... with my big bro! Keswick, i know that Dudley is in danger, i must go!

Keswick: Dont wo-worry! Oh, she is a-away!

  • Later in D.O.O.M *

Kitty: Is in vain!

Dudley: You was great partner, Kitty!

Kitty: You too!

Diana: * Come to D.O.O.M * Hi bro! So, that is that " Snaptrap ". So this will just not pass!

Snaptrap: What do you want to do?

Diana: I? Nothing! * Cast off Kitty and Dudley * Except cast of my brother!

Dudley: Is against of rules, but thank you, you are great sister!

Diana: So, thing to grant wish, right? And what about... IF YOU USED IT YOU?

Dudley: Of course!

Kitty: I wish to be Snaptrap in prison!

Diana: And now, how Swaziland is said... But now seriosly, how is in Swaziland " no problems "? That ok!

  • Later in T.U.F.F *

The Chief: Thank you Miss Puppy, how about work in our agency?

Diana: No! Is very dangerous work! But thank you za proposal!

Keswick: ´I was co-co-confused! You have grea-great instincts!

Diana: Oh Keswick! * Hugh * So bye everybody!

Dudley/Kitty/Keswick: Bye!

Dudley: So, she isnt too bad... Why i never coming to her tea party?

Kitty: That ok!

Keswick: She was gre-gre-great friend!

Dudley: Now... hey what is that mashine for grant wishes there?

Kitty: And why beeping?

Agents: Oh no!


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