Hockeyben is the founder of the wiki. He enjoys watching most sports and the 1960's spy parody show, Get Smart, which T.U.F.F Puppy was inspired from.


GojiBob is one of the bureaucrats of the wiki. When he's not being a tyrant on the wiki, he's usually playing Team Fortress 2.

150px-3543446.pngTheWonderKat is an admin who is possibly insane.


PoofFan93 is one of the wiki's admins. She created the popular oc's, Mandy and Tiffany Puppy. While not writing fanfics and helping out with the wiki, she enjoys drawing pictures using MS Paint.


Chicocaba is considered to be the religious part of the wiki, Chico is yet another admin. He created the OC, Chito. He also really likes Fez from That 70's Show.


Anti-Cosmo Dude is another admin. He created the OCs, Seth Puppywell and Connor Retriever. He can also be found editing the Fairly Odd Fanon Wiki.

150px-4516287.pngKittyKatswell925 is yet another one of the wiki's admins. She started the T.U.F.F. Company series, and created the OC, Claire Catty200.



CrazypuppyCrazypuppy is one of the wiki's chatmods. She has written numerous stories involving the T.U.F.F. Company, and created the OC, Crazy.

150px-5163205.pngKillswitch762 is a chatmod. He created Kevin Katswell, and enjoys talking about PILLZ.


Island1 is one of the wikis chatmods. Aside from T.U.F.F. Puppy, she enjoys reading and playing with her dogs.

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