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Plot: When The Chief fires Kitty, she starts to feel that she was never meant to exist. Until she receives a special task: to go around the world and to capture a dangerous villain from destroying the world.


  • Kitty: "Ya know, I don't even remember why I was crying about..."
  • Dudley: "Sorry you got fired and can't do anything at all without being hated, Kitty."
  • Kitty: (cries)
  • Kitty: "I... I have al... always thought that The Chief was (retches) the best man ever. I NOW REALLY, HE'S A BIG FAT BONEHEAD!! How dare you fire me, just because I ruin T.U.F.F. property? WELL, I HATE YOU!! AND THIS PERSON WHO HATES YOU THE MOST HAS GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU! STUPID!!! There we go."