This is a video game based off of T.U.F.F. Puppy's Mission: Really Big Mission episode.

Story Mode

Level 1: Spaceship (Houston, we have a problem.)

Shoot down D.O.O.M. in their spaceship.

Petropolis Builder

Petropolis Builder is a main feature in the game. It allows you to play and wander around your own city without any goals or main objectives. Watch as your city evolves from one block to another in your very own private Petropolis.

How it starts.

After being called in by The Mayor, it becomes official that you are Co. Addie. Making sure YOU are in charge of what happens and keeps The Mayor up to date.


Buy extra things for your city here.

Name Description Price
Snaptrap's Haunted House of D.O.O.M. Welcome monsters, ghosts and zombies into your city. $2,500
Quacky's Fun House Welcome clowns and circus lions into your city. $5,000
Kitty's Spaceport Welcome robots and aliens into your town. $7,500





  • Kitty: "And so me and Dudley destroyed the boulder and got D.O.O.M. out of our way."
  • Peg: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Mitzy. They had a huge spaceship, lasers and a force field, and lost to a dog and cat?"
  • Kitty: "May I remind you that they suck. All right, next chapter. Here's the next piece for our game."
  • Dudley: "Which I have to say is pretty neat. You made this all by yourself?"
  • Kitty: "Correct-a-mundo."
  • Keswick: "Hey, what's this? Can we see the vuh-vuh-vuh-volcano?"
  • Kitty: "Watch it, Godspilla!"
  • The Chief: "Pardon me. What's this piece about?"
  • Kitty: "Petropolis Builder. It's a special place that you don't have to do any major tasks, where you can make your own version of Petropolis."
  • Dudley: "Neat-o."
  • The Chief: "Let's go and check it out."
  • Kitty: "As soon as Keswick gets less clumsy."
  • Dudley: "Aww, man. That'll take forever."
  • Keswick: "I'll be be guh-guh-good! I promise."

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