T.U.F.F. Nutcracker is a Season 2 episode and the 2nd Christmas Special.


A classic Christmas tale gone T.U.F.F. as Dudley and Kitty figure out the mysteries to the nutcracker while avoiding Snaptrap, who claims himself the Rat King.


  • This is the only hour-long holiday special.
  • One of the few episodes not to use the usual folder opening.
  • The plot of this episode does not relate to the original ballet in any way except for:
    • The Nutcracker: Dudley was given this and Snaptrap wanted it. Near the end, it turned into King Errol.
    • The Music: Used throught the special.
    • The Antagonist: Both are rodents. (Snaptrap is a rat, The Mouse King is, well, a mouse)

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