T.U.F.F. New Agents Chapter 1

"Note:THis Fanfiction is belongs to KLarisa Lie.If you want editing please ask permission!!!"

At T.U.F.F.

The Chief:All Agents!!! Listen,Bird Brain,Madame Catastrophe,Dr.Rabies,and Larry Has Steal A Expensive Boat machine.

Kitty:Boat for what?

The Chief:The Boat is carring miss petropolis, mayor teddy bear and the other passenger to hawaii.and now the boat is stop in the middle petsific ocean.and we have three new agents.


The CHief:Hey,you let's come here.this is Luna McFoxy,Labrea Puppy,And Mirabella.Luna Mc Foxy will work as a new secretary,Labrea Puppy will doublework as keswick's partner and dudley and kitty companion(as an agent),and mirabella will work as T.U.F.F. chef,she will cook our lunch and breakfast.

Dudley,Kitty,and Keswick:Interesting.

The chief:this mission will be dangerous so we will build a team composed:agent puppy,agent katswell,keswick,myself,and birdbrain,madame catastrophe,dr.rabies,and larry in that boat.we are going to ride in a helicopter.

Then,They ride in a Tuff helicopter.

The chief sit next to kitty,kitty sit next to dudley,dudley sit next to labrea,labrea sit next to keswick.

Kitty:It's so strange.Why Larry work for Birdbrain,Madame Catastrophe,and Dr. Rabies?

The Chief:I don't know.

Ok.part one i want make part two,the title is Tuff new Agents Ch.1:Hey Cousin.I hope all of you enjoy it.happy reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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