Here's one last Fanfic before I take my break from Wikia...

What if Snaptrap, Bird Brain, and the Chameleon were (temporarily) reverted back into 7-year-olds?

I dunno, Just a quick fic I wanted to make.

It's just I think Snaptrap was adorable as a child in the episode Pup Daddy..

Hope you guys enjoy!

Personally, I think this fic is the dullest I've made.

Also, Some of the art is mine, Some of it is Little Miss Cute's.

Tell me what you think.



[Everyone is at T.U.F.F., While Snaptrap, Bird Brain, and The Chameleon are in a prison cell]

Dudley: Morning, Everyone!

Kitty: Hi Dudley!

The Chief: Nice to see you finally coming to work on time, Eh?

Dudley: Yep! I have growed up! I'm not a kid anymore!

Kitty: Dudley, It's grown up. Not growed up.

Keswick: Speaking of kids, I have finally finished the Young Gun! Now, It is more advanced than the original version! It's new settings are:

  • Oldie
  • Adult
  • Teenager
  • Kid
  • Baby


  • Zygote

And this time, You don't age backwards.

Dudley: AWESOME! Can I try on my pizza?

Sanptrap: Don't even think about it, Agent Puppy! Remember what happened last time? I was turned into an awesome teen, A kid, and then a baby! I don't want to experience that again! (Flashback to the episode "Pup Daddy")

Keswick (as a baby): Also, If Snaptrap drops that gun and it bu-bu-breaks we're all doomed!

Dudley: Huh?

Snaptrap (as a baby): [Is walking up the construction site] *Giggles*

Dudley: AGGHHHH!

Dudley: ...Yeah....But Keswick improved it! There's no way it could backfire again, Right? [Throws pizza into air, Pizza falls before it is zapped, The the blast bounces off the wall, Hitting Snaptrap, The Chameleon, and Bird Brain]

Snaptrap, Chameleon, & Bird Brain: [Get zapped] AGGGGHHHH!

[Explosion ensues, Then the smoke clears, Revealing the three villians as kids]

Dudley: Whoa, Didn't see that comin'.

Keswick: Agent Puppy! You set the Young Gun to "Kid!"

Kid Snaptrap: This is Terrible! [points to Kid Bird Brain] Your bowl cut is unfashionable!
T u f f villains as kids v2

(This Photo does not belong to me, It belongs to Little Miss Cute.)

Kid Bird Brain: Well at least I don't look like a rebel!

Kid Chameleon: I will have my REVENGE, Kitty Katswell...Huh?

Kitty: Now, kids, stop this menacing behavior, or we're gonna have to give you all a time out!

Kid Villians: AAAHHHH!

Kid Bird Brain: We gotta get outta here!

Kid Snaptrap: But where do we go? We're trapped!

Kid Chameleon: ...Oh, DUH! [Transforms into a Blaster, And aims himself at Kitty and Dudley]

Kid Snaptrap: YEA!

Kitty: Dudley! Do something!

Dudley: ..Uh...Uh..AHA! [Blasts the kids with the Young Gun again, Turning them into 5 year-olds]

Little Chameleon: *Cries* I'm scared!

Little Snaptrap: ME TOO! *Cries*

Little Bird Brain: ME THREE! DOGGY AND KITTY SCARE ME! *Cries*

Kitty: Great, No we have THREE crybabies!

Dudley: *Whimpers* I'M A HORRIBLE FATHER! *Cries*

Kitty: I stand corrected; I mean four...

The Chief: This never would have happened if you didn't rebuild the Young Gun, Keswick!

Keswick: Oh, And your blaming ME? [Fights with the Chief]

Little Snaptrap: *Cries louder* I WANT MY MOMMY!


Little Bird Brain: [Stops crying] Hey, You can't tell us what to do!

Little Chameleon and Little Snaptrap: YEAH!

Kitty: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Easy kids, EASY!

Little Snaptrap: [Squirts Kitty with a mini water gun] Take that, Meanie Cat!

Little Bird Brain: Face the fury of my Blue-Bottomed bottom!

Little Chameleon: [Transforms into a Super Cannon] Yea, You can't stop us!

Kitty: Uh, Uh, ...Oh Yes we CAN! [Grabs Young Gun] We have no choice! [Tries to zap the kids, But the Young Gun brakes]

Kitty: Oh, NO! DUDLEY! The Young Gun BROKE!


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