Stick Figure is the third episode of Anti-Cosmo Dude's Fanfics. It is only three minutes long.


A stick becomes alive and decides to be a villain.


Stick: OMG! I can speak!


I can smell!

(touches the ground)

I can touch!

(hears thunder)

I can hear!

(picks an apple from a tree and eats it)

I can taste!

Wait a sec. That means I can be a villain! A stick villain!

(laughs evilly, then scene turns to T.U.F.F.)

Dudley: Kitty, did you hear that thunder?

Kitty: Well, what do think? It was pretty loud.

(chief jumps out)

Chief: Agents! We just got intel that a stick became alive and is planning on robbing a bank.

(T.U.F.F. Gasps)

Dudley and Kitty, go stop that stick figure!

Kitty: We're on our way, chief!

(scene turns to the interior of Petropolis Bank, Stick opening a safe with a flamethrower)

Stick: Finally! My first crime as a villain is almost over with!

Dudley: Not so fast, stick figure!

Stick: Uh, you can just call me stick.

Dudley: Whatever, and...

... hi-gee-gee!

(kicks stick, making him drop the money)

Kitty: Looks like Dudley just snapped a stick!

Stick: Ok, Ok, I surrender

Dudley: Looks like a stick is going to prison

(a few minutes later at T.U.F.F.)

Chief: Good work, Dudley and Kitty, though all you did really was snap a stick.

Dudley: Well, he was a threat to Petropolis

(Chief and Dudley do an action-pose)

The End

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