Ryan Puppy
Gender: Male
Hair color:       Gold
Eye color:       Cyan
Species: Cat-Dog
Age: Varies

15 (Currently)

Birthday: Febuary 18th
Personal Information
Kitty Katswell (Mother)

Dudley Puppy (Father)

Jenna Puppy

Toby and Colby Puppy

Malia Puppy

Jacob Puppy

Production Information
Voiced by:
E.G. Daily (Baby)

Davi Kaufmen (Teen)

Ryan Puppy is the first born son and second born child of Kitty and Dudley.


Ryan is the second-born child and oldest boy of the family. Ryan's fur color is a light-tan, while his (dog) ears are a slightly darker color. His hair is a dark, golden-tan color, while he wears it in a puffy style; however, his bangs are fairly long and the stretch over half of his face. Ryan also has dark cerulean/royal blue eyes and a dog nose. Ryan's appearance usually makes other people think he's more of a puppy than a kitten, But it's actually the other way around! Ryan carries more feline elements and traits than a canine's, which normally confuses everyone else. Ryan is commonly seen wearing a dark grey T-shirt and light silver jeans. Ryan has Type 2 Diabetes, and his favorite food is buttered noodles. He is also a bit of a vegetarian, since he won't eat beef.

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