Rudolf Doberman
Gender: Male
Hair color:       Black with reddish-brown
Eye color:       Black
Species: Doberman pinscher
Age: 29
Personal Information
  W.U.F.F.U and Teutonic Undercover Fighting Force
  Secret agent, Sentry-attack dog, and guard dog
  Geneva, Switzerland
  Jack Rabbit,

Franz and Karl Alsatian,

and Joseph Wagner

  Any villain in the world
  Extreme loyalty to Germany
  Being the best agent


Being trained under strict discipline Rudolf is a very loyal and hardworking dog. Although he has strong nationalistic tendencies to his home-country Germany and his somewhat over-bearing pride, but he is still one of the best.

Rudolf's Training

Rudolf trained at the same camp as Franz Alsatian . A very brutal and crude camp. Doberman took only one year to complete while Franz struggled in graduating for three years. After Franz failed to pass the first year after losing to an english fox named Nate Fox, Doberman has always thought himself higher than Ferdinand.


Jack Rabbit

Dispite Rudolf's pride he has a mutual respect for Jack. They've been partners several times in the past.

Franz Alsatian

They were freinds for years. Dating back since Franz was 17 and starting training after Karl, Franz's father forced him to go after his actions injured the son of a very rich man and attacked his aunt! One year after finally finishing his "journey of discipline" Jack Rabbit brought over a 19 year-old Kitty Katswell to get some expeirince. But Jack had to go somewhere so he put his trust to Franz to look after Kitty. Doberman didn't approve of this, claiming that Franz is going soft and he is slacking blaming Kitty to be the cause of it. Franz tried to reason with him, but Rudolf is to proud and stubborn to listen.

Joseph Wagner

As "Chief of Chiefs" you must really be something to be his most trusted agent. Doberman happens to be such an agent.

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