Ralph Wolf is a T.U.F.F. Company member.

Ralph Wolf
Ralph wolf edited-1
Gender: Male
Hair color:       None
Eye color:       Hazel
Species: Wolf
Age: 24
Birthday: May 4, 1990
Personal Information
  Turbo Undercover Fighting Force
United States Army Rangers (2008-2010)
  Secret agent
  The Company and others
Love Interests:
  Mary "Macy" Dominic (former)

Luan (former)


R.J Wolf(father)
Marianne Wolf(mother)
Vincent 'Vince' Wolf (brother)
Mikhail Wolf (brother-deceased)
Mark Wolf (brother)
Night Wolf (sister)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Operation: Operation
Last Appearance:
  Two is a Company
Voiced by:
Josh Keaton


Ralph Wolf is a skilled T.U.F.F. agent with a not so great past. Due to his military training, he is one of the more skilled fighters in the Company. He is calm and crafty, and has a hint of insanity in him. His relationship with the Company members is generally positive.

He is a skilled basketball and football player, a fast runner, and a skilled driver.  When he joined T.U.F.F., the Chief and other agents were impressed by these assets. In 2008, he joined the United States Army Rangers, and fought in several important battles during the Chaos War. When the war ended in 2010, he came home. Shortly after, he joined T.U.F.F.. His skills quickly gave him a good positioning in the agency. A few years later, he and several other agents formed T.U.F.F. Company.

He is a great marksman, and has brought down many criminals in his service. One of his most memorable was the legendary Zero, a criminal active in the 1970's. He's had many love interests in his time, but none seemed to stick, until he gets with Claire in Two is a Company. 


19They're good buddies, yet occasionally get competitive with one another over their achieved accolades.

Kat: They're great friends, and they usually work together. 

Claire: He likes her due to her optimistic and sunny attitude. They tend to talk when not on missions.

Agent R: Ralph has a rather neutral relationship with R. He still enjoyed his R.U.F.F. stories however.

Kevin: Is good friends with him, but they haven't associated in a good while.

Amo: Had a rather mixed relationship with him up until he was discharged from the Company. He helped stop a feud between him and Foff shortly before his dismissal.

Agent 12428: He respected him, and considered him as an inspiration. However, his exposure greatly rattled him, causing a paranoia to start growing inside of him. 

Chito: He's pretty good friends with him, and respects his dedication to his faith,

Skipper: They're pretty good friends, having had several good conversations.

Fairly: The two are alright friends. As stated earlier, he helped stop a feud between Fairly and Amo shortly before Amo's dismissal. 

Crazy: Is good friends with her, but he doesn't really know much about her.

Maria: At first, Ralph considered her a nuisance. However, he started to think less of this as she matured

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