• The image of the upcoming wedding between Dudley and Kitty is very similar to that which appeared in Dog Tired.
  • When Kitty came to help Dudley lest he fall into the portal of time machine, Dudley asks if she never marry him, but Kitty replied that she can not say anything yet, so it maybe mean that she was thinking about the wedding.
  • The chief will use a hat during the entire episode, that hat is the same as used in Kid Stuff and Booby Trap.
  • The BonePhone 5S is a brand called Bone Inc., this company is a parody of Apple Inc., and BonePhone 5S is a parody of iPhone 5S.
  • We learned that Bird Brain and the chameleon were friends as children.
  • The Chameleon and Bird Brain had hair in the past.
  • We learned that Snaptrap is elder than the Chameleon, but, specially, is much elder than Bird Brain, because, it is seen that in the past, Snaptrap was a teenager when Bird Brain was still a child.
  • It's the second time that Dudley and Kitty go to jail. The first time was in Booby Trap.
  • This is the third time someone has punk hairstyle. the first time was in Pup Daddy.
  • The Kitty's girl appearance is similar to that seen in Pup Daddy.
  • This is the second time you see Dudley, Kitty and Keswick as cavemen, the first time was in Mom-A-Geddon, but unlike this episode, in Playing with the time are actually from the time of the cavemen, and also sees the chief as caveman.
  • It's the first time in the series that seen a judgment.
  • Keswick retains KIL-R (from Dog's Best Friend) in a box retain in the room of the best and most new inventions.
  • This episode, unlike the previous ones, will be broadcast in 480i showing all image in letterbox mode (showing the 1080p image), ie, show black bars up and down the image, as other Nickelodeon series. This will not happen again in another episode until the start of the third season.

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