Plot: Ollie wants a day-off to go to his family reunion. But when Snaptrap denies, Kitty and Dudley try to toughen up Ollie and teach him to just say no.


  • Ollie wakes up early in the morning. He looks at his calendar and smiles excitedly.
  • Ollie: Good morning, boss!
  • Snaptrap: Huh? Did you remember to clean the floors?
  • Ollie: Already did and they're done!
  • Snaptrap: Did you order more order forms?
  • Ollie: On it, sir!
  • Snaptrap: Did you forget to feed the sharks?
  • Ollie: Already taken care of.
  • He seats Snaptrap onto the desk.
  • Ollie: And... ...feet! (puts his feet on his desk. Snaptrap falls asleep.)

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