Chapter 3: Overachieving/Let the Games Begin!

Kitty and Dudley got to leave early that day.

Kitty:Lets go get you ready!


Kitty: Lets go to the park! C'mon!

They went to the park to get Dudley into competing shape.

Kitty: We'll start with pushups.

Dudley: THATS EASY! (Dudley got to position and started to do pushups)

Kitty: 1...2...3...4...5...6..7...8..9..10..11...12....13...14..15...16..17...18.....19.....20.....21...22....23..24....25 ( they continued until they got to 100)

Dudley: Whew! Thats it for today! I'm beat! (He was panting pretty hard)

Kitty: If you want an extra-large bacon, ham, sausague pizza go run around the park 5 times! (Kitty smiled)

Dudley: On it! (started to run laps around the park)

In an outstading effort Dudley did just that in less than 20 minutes!

Dudley: Can (gasp) have some (cough) pizza? (wheeeze)

Kitty: (sniffs) Ewww.... Dudley take a shower first!

Dudley: Ohhhhhh C'mon! (Dudley started to pout, we all know Dudley dosen't like showers)

And so Kitty got Dudley in the T.U.F.F Moblie to go to his house, just to take a shower. After 10 minutes Dudley was clean. And smelled like fruit. Of course wearing a black tee. No pants included.

Dudley: I want Pizza NOW!

Kitty: Hold your horses! We have to get to the pizza place first! ( just when they were about to leave)

Peg: Dudley! pick up your dirty, sweaty shirt in the bathroom! (she yelling from upstairs)

Dudley:AGGHHHHHRRR! ALRIGHT! (Dudley stormed up the stairs in to the bathroom.)

Moments later Dudley was walking out of the bathroom and again ran into Peg.

Peg: Why haven't you introduced me to your friend... (She had her arms crossed )

Dudley: LEAVE ME ALONE! ( he then rushed out with Kitty and left)

Dudley quickly got in the T.U.F.F. Moblie.

Dudley: C'mon hurry Kitty! My mom won't let me have pizza cause it's not HEALTHY!

Kitty hastly ignited the car and drove off. Miniutes later the reached the pizza place. Dudley was going wild.

Dudley: Kitty can we have the MEAT LOVER'S X-TRA LARGE! (Dudley hasn't eaten pizza in a while)

Kitty being quite generous got Dudley the pizza, at a hefty price though. Dudley ate 7/8 ths of the pizza!

Kitty then stopped: Oh .....Dudley .....

Dudley stuffing in the final slice: Yeah Kitty.

Kitty: Remember the All-Dog Sports Tournement?

Dudley: Yeah Kitty! I will DOMINATE!

Kitty: I just remembered it is tonight! I was hyped up about the whole Olympic mission I forgot! You still have to pay for the damage you did! (But Kitty was happy......happy to see Dudley ....condfiedent)

Dudley being a little cocky: It's no sweat! I'll win with my eyes close!

Kitty: O.K. then......

Dudley is in pink old-school shorts (circa World Cup 78'-86' and Kitty's hand-me-downs) and a white shirt. Which were found in an old duffle bag that came with a pair of old Adidas Samba shoes (old-school still made to this day) found in the trunk of the T.U.F.F. Moblie. And Dudley was once an overconfeident dog is now whimpering puppy. Dudley was seeing how built-up some of the other athletes were.

Dudley tugging on Kitty: Kitty I can't do this! (whimpering)

Kitty: C'mon Dudley! at least try! (even Kitty was looking nervous, she thought) There's no way Dudley can compete! They'll tear him apart!

Anouncer: For our 100 meter dash event! Please welcome! Our competitors!

Kitty looked up at the jumbotron, Dudley was on it.

Kitty still a little nervous: Dudley your up.....(Dudley took a deep breath and hugged Kitty, Of course Kitty was surprised........... very stunned)

Dudley nervously got in his position and waited on the start-gun. He looked around and noticed some of the runners were laughing at him for his small legs. Dudley's temper rose a little, the sound of the people attending the field grew louder, and the gun-shoot rang the air. And almost instictivley Dudley rocketed off, his worn out Samba shoes (Btw best training shoe ever!) griped the track well. Dudley adrenaline was at it's peak. He thought he was going to win. But an enraged runner tripped him in desperation. Duldley fell and and severly twisted his ankle.

Kitty who was in joy at Dudley's surprising perfomance is running up to Dudley. While officials disqualified the aggressor and was thrown in jail.

Dudley ignoring the pain: Kitty! did you see that I almost won! (he hugged Kitty very tightly) Thanks for beliveing in me!

Kitty noticed some of the crowd awwwing in what they thought was a tender love momment. Kitty was warm and fuzzy inside. Then rather late the medical staff came to send Dudley to the hospital. And tournement orginizers gave Dudley 1000 dollers. Kitty went along with Dudley in the ambulance.

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